A.V.A. Experience - Alliance of Valiant Arms
AVA Room Glitch
The glitch
To perform the ava room glitch, you simply have to do this:
1. press "F5" and click on one of the arrows to select the level
2. click "ok" when you get the "Room settings failed!" message
3. click on "room settings" and then click "ok"

After doing this, the room has been glitched. Enjoy!
Some uses for this glitch
1. Glitch the room from escape to survival. This way you can get a ppsh or stg for 7 days in less than seven minutes.
You get an m67 nade for 2 boxes and PPsh or STG for 3 boxes. I don\'t know what one box is, I haven\'t tried it since its probably not worth the time.

hint: This might be a good moment to check out \"How To Do Solo 3 Box\" :)

2. Glitch Bg/ DV extreme to easy
You can glitch Bg or DV Extreme to turn it into easy mode for BG/ DV. For BG Simply press the left arrow while glitching the room. If done correctly,
The room image shows LD easy while glitching. For DV you simply press the left arrow while glitching to select DV easy.