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About AVA Experience

Hi and welcome to AVA Experience. I started this site as a hobby because I really like to play AVA. On it I share tips and information coming form my own AVA Experience, hoping I can improve your AVA Experience as well. This way I hope we can make the game more enjoyable for all of us.

Who am I? I am not going to bother you with my real life name, but nick in AVA was Klastic, Now it is AVAExperienc. I have been playing this game since open beta, when there were no such things as mystery boxes and Prison Break Escape was the best way to get supply in my opinion. Well more than a year later, I am still hooked to this game and still play it a lot, if not too much :). I am clanleader of Idontclan, which I started as a chill place for chill people away from all the QQ. I am a Major 5th class and have over 772 hours of playtime and reckon I learned some tricks in that time which are worth sharing. 

But enough about me! Take a look around on this site and see what you can learn to improve your AVA Experience!

PS: In the meantime my Klastic account got hacked QQ. But I started a new account named AVAExperienc, so if you see me ingame say hi! If you see Klastic online, then its probably not me. I still got a slight hope of recovering my Klastic account but we will see...

long time later PS: Klastic is lost, but I dont mind. It has been lost for a long time now,  which is why I also started the Avaexperienc account, but due to aeria management concerning this game, I feel it is only time before it will stop. This can either mean 2 things: a) Redduck finds another (hopefully) better publisher, b) Aeria really tries to make the best (best for players interest, not theirs) out of this game and gets another renewal on the contract. Eitherway, I have been keeping my hopes up for AVA during the last couple of years, but im afraid any expectations will be nullified as long as Aeria keeps the rights to publish UAVA.