A.V.A. Experience - Alliance of Valiant Arms
How to gain Euros fast AVA
Somebody asked me how to earn Euros in a fast pace in AVA without doing scenarios. Well, in my opinion playing AI scenarios is still the best way to go due to the rewards that you can get (like timed weapons, armor and Euros) and the fact that they give good supply as well. Especially when farming 3 boxes in PB Survival yo should be able to gain a substantial amount of Euros in a few hours.

However, if you don\'t like scenarios the only way of getting euros is getting your supply to 100%. This is without Gcoin items like Supply up or Euro plus and getting euros from rewards and medals obviously. So here are two ways to get your supply bar filled up more quickly.

Playing in the event channel gives a bonus of 25% supply extra. To make it even easier you could start a supply farm room without killing. For example in demolition there would only be setting and defusing or in the new mode Escape you would just run to the boat every time without resistance. Of course this gets pretty boring after a while, which brings me to my next point.

Play something you like and you are good at. Usually the \"like\" aspect comes together with the \"being good at it\" aspect. If you play something you like and you are good at, your supply will automatically be better, thus filling your supply bar more quickly.

Another option is to farm some Gcoins and spend them on Eurocapsules. I got lucky twice like this and got 100,000 euros two times from all the times that I bought them. The lowest amount of Euros from Euroscapsules is 1500 but then it is usually accompanied by some kind of Gcoin item like a booster, mag upgrade,.. for a day.

Other than that, I cannot really think of anything that would give your Euros quicker except for farming 3 boxes in Survival. I can give you some tips to keep your Euro balance up though. The first tip would be to use timed weapons and timed or supply armor as well as timed nades that you can get cheap by buying SW1911 capsules. This way you will save a lot of repair costs and keep you Euro balance up. By the way timed weapons like the PPSH are actually good so you don\'t have to be afraid of ruining your score. STG has seen better days I admit but still it is pretty decent, especially compared to G3A3 which doesn\'t cost much to repair.

Finally I would like to say that you shouldn\'t be too focused on earning euros quickly. It will take the fun away from playing game and make it feel more like doing a job:).