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AVA Hacks

Always getting owned in AVA? Well maybe it is time to use hacks! But what kind of hacks do you really want? Obvious hacks like an aimbot or less obvious hacks like chams and no recoil? What's an aimbot? Well this thing automatically points at enemies when you click and you usually have settings where to shoot the enemies bodies too. Imagine getting only headshots or just insta killing every enemy player you come across! Don't know what chams are? Well basically they let you see the opponents throught the wall so you always have the advantage by knowing where they are.They are less obvious than an aimbot off course, but you still need some aiming skills to actually take advantage of this kind of hacks. Maybe you just like an uber OP (overpowered) gun? Well take a no recoil hack and start spraying with the sa 58 para. Pownage assured! Of course, you want your hacks to be undetectable so you don't risk getting your account banned!

I guess your next question is, "Wh3r3 c4n I g37 m3 50m3 1337 h4x pl0x?" Well, my answer to that is very simple. YOU WILL NOT GET THEM HERE. "Why?" do you ask? Again a very simple answer. I don't hack and never will cause it makes the game boring. Seriously, if you need hacks to enjoy ANY game, then you are a born boring loser who will make playing AVA even more boring for yourself. Using hacks won't improve your AVA Experience in any way, unless you really take joy in getting raged at and being called a hacker and then get kicked from the room (but then again, I guess there are idiots out there who actually enjoy this). Instead of focusing on finding hacks and trying them out and getting your account banned, you are better off actually playing the game and getting better at it. And guess what? This is what AVA Experience is here for. On this site I put and will be putting articles with tips to help you improve your gameplay and your fun in AVA, thus improving your AVA Experience. So don't bother looking for hacks or even paying for them, as your time and money will be better spent by actually playing the game and enjoying even if you suck at first. And to those who do suck at it, here are some inspiring words: "Practice makes perfect!"


PS: obviously some people reading this article, can't understand the term "irony" or "sarcasm", and keep asking me for hacks. I'll be evermore clear: "Get fucking lost!!!"