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Improve Your Ava Experience With Better Gaming Hardware
Gaming Rig
Improve your AVA experience with better gaming hardware!Upgrade your gaming rig itself for better fps to provide a smoother gameplay. Think ahead if your budget allows it, as hardware that is a bit more expensive can last for years, while the cheaper hardware probably does not.

This does not mean you have to buy every new hardware that comes out though. The prices of new hardware can be really high if you buy them when they first come out and if you wait a bit the price might drop a lot. Another tip to reduce costs, is to build your gaming rig yourself. If you don’t know how or don’t feel up to it, try to find a friend that knows about it and can help you rather than going at it alone. If you don’t know anyone suited for the task, try google to find more information or check out this ebook which tells you how to build a gaming computer for less than 1000 dollars. It isn’t that hard but you must know what you are doing and also what to watch for to make sure your hardware components are compatible. Here are the main components you need to look at when upgrading your pc.

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Improve your AVA experience with better gaming hardware!The motherboard is in everyone’s computer. This is the biggest part of your computer, and in most cases the motherboard is mounted on the side of the case from your computer. It is the most important part of your computer because everything is connected to your motherboard (processor, RAM memory, hard disk drives, graphics card, sound card, CD-ROM, network card, … ). Compare it with the brains, they do the calculations and remember everything, all the rest is associated (heart, lungs, eyes, … ).

The motherboard is the foundation of the computer. In order to ensure proper operation, it is necessary that all the components are well matched to eachother but even more matched to the motherboard. You’ve probably understood by now that if you have any problems with the motherboard, chances are that you need to replace multiple components together. At a cost – benefit analysis, you notice quickly that it might be a better idea to have a completely new PC purchase. If you, despite everything, consider a new motherboard or even crafting a system together, always make sure that your seperate components have the right connections and are compatible with you motherboard.

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The processor is one of the most talked about parts of the computer. This is not surprising, because with every action you do on your computer, the processor starts calculating. Without a processor, your computer can’t compute! Whether you’re listening to music, browsing a Web page or moving the mouse, everything is carefully calculated by the processor.

A processor is mounted on the motherboard. The place where you processor is mounted on the motherboard, is called a socket. If your processor closer look you will notice a lot of ‘pins’ on it. These pins fit perfectly into the socket on the motherboard. As faster processors see the light of day, the socket on the motherboard will (usually) be changed as well. This means that upgrading your processor, almost always requires you to purchase a custom motherboard.

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Video Card
The graphics card has the function to help displaying images on your computer. The video card will transfer all the incoming signals into an understandable language for your monitor . They have a processor on board to aid in drawing the horizontal and the vertical lines on your screen. Transferring computer language into images is labor intensive. Depending on the graphical beauty of a game or your operating system, this transfer will ask for more processing power from both the CPU and the graphics card. It is obvious that a powerful graphics card is largely responsible for better and more detailed images on screen.
Whatever brand you buy or already own, the chipset on a particular graphics card determines thequality. NVIDIA and ATI are the main producers of these chipsets. New types or models of video cards come out with the speed of light, therefore, it is best to be well-informed if you are interested in acquiring a new one.

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The memory is mainly used by the operating system and other software to temporarily store data that can be quickly accessible. Hence the amount of memory in a computer is very important. As more data can be stored temporarily, more data can be accessed faster for use.

Does faster RAM memory ensure a faster computer? Not necessarily, because a computer is only as fast as the “slowest link”. If you have fast RAM in a system with a “slow” card, you can get the bottleneck symptom. Too much data tries to transfer through a too small path resulting in not being able to use its full potential.

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Sound Card
It is obvious that the sound card / sound chip is responsible for the quality of the sound coming from your speakers. It ensures that all signals are converted into a usable signal for the speakers.

Do you really like the latest games? Or like watching your DVD movies on your computer? Then you should get a sound card with support for 5.1 or more. Yet today there are hardly any computers sold with a seperate sound card. This is mostly explained by the fact that the quality of integrated sound cards has remarkably improved. The only thing you should take into account if you want to buy a sound card, is the number of channels supported by the sound card. Sound cards or chips that are only capable of sending stereo signals, are normally not found in new computers.

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Peripherals is a grouping name for computer hardware such as mouses, keyboards, controllers and audio output.

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Is a bigger screen better? Not always! This depends on the maximum resolution. To have access to more effective “image space”, larger sizes need to be coupled with a higher maximum resolution. If they aren’t, the distance between pixels will be larger, resulting in less sharper image and not more image space. (Distance between pixels is called pixel pitch, not to be confused with the term pixel bitch.) This explains why a larger screen sometimes barely more expensive. Want a bigger and better screen, you will undoubtedly need to fork out more dollars.

Another important point to screens is their reaction time, expressed in milliseconds. The reaction time is the rate at which a pixel can change color. With a high response rate (for example more than 20 ms.), it may happen that fast frame rates (such as games or movies) result in blurryness and jerky effects. This is because the screen “can not follow.” My screen has a reaction time of 5 milliseconds, which is good enough in my opinion, but you could go as low as 1 millisecond as well.

The brightness is measured in candelas per square meter (cd/m2) and represents the brightness that radiates a screen. Usually you can assume that a higher brightness guarantees better picture quality. You can sit farther from the screen and everything stays visible in brightly lit rooms.

The contrast ratio indicates the ratio between the blackest black and the whitest white and everything in between, and is expressed as a value on a ratio (eg 400:1) The higher the contrast ratio, the better.

You can also think ahead if you want to go 3d at some point. If you do want to go 3d, keep in mind that there are different technologies which have different needs. For example, Nvidia uses shutter glass technology (which are glasses you need to wear) for its 3d and this technology requires your screen to support a refresh rate of 120 Mhz. Most games have built in support for the Nvidia 3d vision. ATI on the other hand also has polymeer glasses and 3d screens and are in my opinion a lot more versatile in that area.

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A good gaming mouse fits well in your hand so you can play for hours on end. A good gaming mouse also improves your aim and reaction time when playing. The best mouses for gaming are laser mouses! Because laser light is bundled a lot more than LED light from optical mouses, and is accompanied by an even better (faster) image sensor, laser mouses can detect more accurate mouse movements . The responsiveness of a mouse can make the difference between life and death (in games that is). This speed is measured in dpi (dots per inch). Never use a wireless mouse for gaming as the signal sometimes gets interrupted and starts bugging. Wireless mouses also drain a lot of batteries.

Also side buttons and such are a must when gaming, for example I put reload and jump on my side buttons to be able to do those things quickly and smoothly. You could also assign the button to select a nade to it, so you don’t have to scroll up or down and lose precious split seconds. There are also mouses that allow you to assign macros which should help your gameplay. A note on macros though, IJJI doesn’t like them and if detected, they can get you banned! This is why I don’t use macros myself.

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A striking feature of keyboards is that they have passed the test of time. Compared with the other components, the evolution is much less spectacular and certainly less striking. Only the type of connectors (Com/PS2/USB) has really evolved. Of course there are keyboards that have extra buttons and little onboard screens, but whether you really need it or not, that is up to you.

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Speakers that are only good for playing sounds similar to a microwave, aren’t very useful. Always choose (if your budget allows it) a system with subwoofer. The sound is much warmer and the sound effects in games are a lot better. With the better brands, the subwoofer is made ​​of wood. It is rare that a plastic subwoofer reaches the same acoustics as a wooden one.

The power! We are not talking about peak power (often in large letters on the box), but the RMS power. It is better to go for speakers with 200 watts peak power and a RMS power of 40 watts than going for speaker with a peak power of 300 watts but only 20 watts RMS. In other words, the RMS says a lot about the strength and quality of your speakers.

For better soundplay, one thing you definitely want is the ability to distinguish directions in sound. I currently have a 5.1 system and it enables me to hear where someone is coming from and where he is going. This comes in real handy when you are camping! For a while I went back to stereo sound after buying a new motherboard and other hardware, and I can assure you that my 5.1 was seriously missed at that time.

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