A.V.A. Experience - Alliance of Valiant Arms
Ava Tips For Melee
Here are some AVA tips to improve your melee skills.

1. Get a feel for the melee weapon you are using. You to have to learn the range and timing of your weapon to be able to attack more effectively.

2. Don’t rush! If you rush, you are more likely to get killed.

3. Dodge-Attack! It is easier to kill someone if you dodge first and then attack with the right mouse button when the opponent is in range.

4. Practice your melee in the AI channel. The bots in there tend to go straigth for their target and this is how you can easily train your dodging and striking.

5. Be effective with your strikes! Every time you attack but don’t hit or don’t kill your opponent, you become an easy target! Make sure you do one hit kills as much as possible.

6. If your opponent tanks you, you have to aim higher or hit him in the back.

7. Use right mouse button when dodging as it has more range then left mouse button. Use left mouse button if you have to do straigth up attacks. It is quicker and allows you to hit your opponent before he can complete his right mouse button swing. Generally it is best to avoid straigth up attacks.

8. Don’t use field knife in soccer or melee games! If you do, you have to be really good with it or you are in a serious disadvantage!

9. Watch out for laggers! They tend to have inhuman range or even hit when they don’t seem to be attacking!

Check out the video below for a small demonstration.