The Top 13 Alternative Fitness Classes in London

Going to the gym is hard. Which is why London is brimming with alternative fitness classes.

When all the running machines are taken, there’s a 3 person wait for the machine you wanted to use and the air conditioning has been broken for 2 weeks, it can easily creep down to the bottom of a to-do list.

But we’re told we should exercise for 60 minutes every single day, so back to the gym we trek. But hear this, there are a whole raft of alternative (and some would say better) ways to exercise, and they’re popping up all over London.

So here’s our list of some of the best alternative fitness classes in London to help you get (or keep) fit without the gym. From silent discos to trampoline parks, these activities will leave you feeling energised and excited to exercise again.

Arch Climbing Reach for the skies (just don't let go) Multiple in London, ££ Featured Auction If you think climbing is for kids with too much time on their hands and some trees nearby, you would be very mistaken.

Arch Climbing is the indoor rock climbing experience that pushes you to your limits and has you reaching for the top.

With 20,000 sq ft of rock climbing fun, there’s plenty of room to get moving and energised. Engaging your core and building your upper-body strength, Arch Climb is a completely new exercise experience that’s so fun you’ll forget you’re even working out.

With introductory classes that provide instruction, climbing shoes and hand chalk, to free climbing sessions, Arch Climb is a brilliant alternative to your usual gym routine. View on AVA
New Motion Fitness The fitness class that feels more like a nightclub Vauxhall, ££ Featured Auction Picture a live DJ playing house music, bright and colourful lights, and lots of sweaty people.

Although we don’t blame you for thinking it’s the latest trendy nightclub to pop up in London, you’d be wrong. It’s New Motion Fitness, a completely immersive way to exercise. With the best trainers in boxing, HIIT, dance and yoga, New Motion Fitness brings a new concept to the average gym goer. 25,000 LED lights surround your workout and light up to the beat, whilst you exercise to the incredible tunes of one of New Motion's in-house DJs.

Whether it’s intense boxing training or the more peaceful yoga classes, New Motion Fitness is a wave of energy that will make you never look at your old gym again. View on AVA
Good Gym Work out and do good 52 locations across the UK, £ Featured Auction Sometimes going to the gym for yourself isn’t quite the motivation you need, but what if you could go for someone else?

Good Gym combines fitness and community projects, allowing you to work out whilst doing good for your area. Running to different locations in your neighborhood, you can help elderly people with garden work, plant trees in local parks, transport cans to the nearest food banks, and so much more.

Working on a suggested donation of £9.95, Good Gym is the ultimate motivation to get up and moving. So instead of getting nowhere on the running machine, run to the people that need your help.
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Bam Bam Boogie Twerk after Work! Multiple London Locations, £ Featured Auction Warning: NOT your average workout

Fed up of the same gym classes over and over again? We hear ya.

Bam Bam Boogie is bringing you a 5 class fitness package of their signature class ‘Twerk after Work’ that will not only transform your body but your mind and confidence as well.

There is absolutely no fitness level, dance experience or specific body type required. The fearless instructors pride themselves on holding a space for free expression and absolute inclusion, where everyone feels supported and encouraged. “Community over competition” is their motto.

So bring only energy and good vibes and let those endorphins run wild! View on AVA
At Your Beat An alternative dance class to get you moving Marlyebone, Leicester Square, Elephant and Castle, ££ Featured Auction If you think it’s time to find a new dance move that isn’t the same awkward jump/hop you’ve been doing for the past seven years, At Your Beat is your new best friend.

Focusing on incredible music, body movement and fun, At Your Beat offers a variety of dance classes. From FitBEAT to UrbanBEAT, their classes are fast-paced, energetic and an incredible work out. And you don’t have to be a dancer, because At Your Beat will teach you the techniques and movement to ditch the robot and bring some seriously killer moves to your next party. Check them out
Flying Fantastic Taking fitness to new heights Battersea, ££ Featured Auction Flying and spinning through the air just became an everyday activity.

Flying Fantastic is the aerial studio that teaches you the art of aerial fitness. From aerial yoga to strength training, it’s a completely different way to get your heart rate up and work muscles you never have before.

Taught by experienced teachers you'll be able to go at your own pace, it’s the gym alternative that was placed on The Times “Top Trend of 2017” list.

Their aim is to get London flying, and it’s a lot less stressful and expensive than a trip to Heathrow!
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Flip Out Bounce your way to fit Wandsworth, £ Featured Auction Cardio can be dreary and getting bored on the running machine is an all too familiar feeling for most.

Flip Out is the new way to do cardio that makes you feel like a child again. With 76 trampolines in their 3,500 sq metre venue, Flip Out is the perfect gym replacement and the biggest trampoline park in the UK.

With games and activities, DJ nights and even designated fitness classes, it’s the fitness activity that can burn up to 1000 calories.

Strengthen your core, engage your muscles, and burn calories, all whilst jumping around and reliving a little taste of childhood. Check them out
Back of Beyond Adventures Get fit or paddle trying Richmond, £££ Featured Auction We’ve always said that the best kind of workout is the one that ends up at the pub.

Back of Beyond adventures do summer sunset paddleboarding sessions along the Thames that end up a quaint riverside pub. That’s one way to reward yourself for exercising.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be completely immersed in London’s calm waterways and idyllic scenery.

You'll engage your core and practice your balance with this stand up paddle boarding (SUP) adventure. They even offer SUP with your PUP experiences, where you can bring your dog for the ride!
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Disco Yoga Turns out your inner yogi is quite the diva Shoreditch, £ Featured Auction Yoga is supposed to a calm and quiet place where you can collect your thoughts and centre yourself.

However, when you add Diana Ross and The Bee Gees into the mix, it definitely changes the vibe.

Disco Yoga is the yoga class that aims to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul along to the beat of your favourite disco classics. You'll even get into the theme with a “Glitter Up” at their glitter station where you can bring out your inner disco diva.

With no experience necessary, Disco Yoga will teach you the basics and go at your own pace. And finish off the class with a superfood cocktail.

Pick between Kale and the Gang, It’s Raining Zen, or Blame It on the Blueberry, and enjoy the benefits of a replenishing concoction.
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London Jungle Runners Silent disco in a forest Walthamstow, ££ Featured Auction London Jungle Runners give you the chance to dance like nobody’s watching as their classes are held quite literally in the middle of a forest.

With drum & bass dance routines combined with short runs and games, it's fast-paced and engaging. Bring your own headphones, tune into the group music and let your body move to the beat.

Work up a sweat and enjoy some fresh air!
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Salty Yoga Combining hot yoga and salt therapy Elephant and Caste & Finsbury, ££ Featured Auction Ever wondered what the perfect yoga class entails? Salty Yoga think they have the answer and it's a combination of their heated yoga studios, their lovely expert instructors and their use of salt.

The addition of heat and salt crystals helps to detoxify the body making this a unique yoga experience like no other... it's seriously worth a try.

Their classes are offering deep relaxation and rejuvenation plus lots of take-home techniques and poses. View on AVA
Kayaking London Tackle the Thames Westminster, £££ Featured Auction Crowded streets, heavy traffic, and people shoving selfie sticks in your face; the tourist areas of London can be a challenge.

Kayaking London lets you see London’s best attractions whilst paddling along the Thames in one of their super sleek kayaks. From Big Ben to the London Eye, you’ll see all the sights without the chaotic crowds on the streets.

The next day, expect your arms to be sore as it’s definitely a workout, and a stellar replacement for the gym. So get outside and see London whilst working up a sweat.
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((Bounce)) It's a new fitness fad. And we love it. Oxford Circus, £ Featured Auction ((Bounce)) is the new fitness trend taking over the UK one mini trampoline at a time.

With 40 minutes of high intensity cardio and 20 minutes of toning, the 60 minute workout burns an unreal amount of calories. And no mini garden trampoline will prepare you for this workout; it’s a full body workout quite unlike anything else.

With affordable prices and a burn that will last for days, it’s the replacement to the gym that will change the way you exercise.
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