The top 9 alternative Work Social Ideas in London

So, you’ve drawn the short straw and are going to have to organise the work social. Want it to be a bit more inventive than popping to your local pub? Don’t worry, London has some of the best alternative work social ideas.

Whether it’s a bit of team bonding your after, something to challenge you all or a more casual affair check London has some awesome activities that will mean the work night out is remembered for the right reasons. Not because Gary from accounts got naked (again). FFS Gary.

So ditch the local pub and do something a bit different for your work social this time round.

Oh, and if you’re looking to organise a social and fancy a hand – we’re happy to help you put something together. Feel free to pop us an email [email protected]

Arch Climbing Just don’t push your boss off the wall... Acton, £ Featured Auction You’ve got a competitive team that like their fitness? Then bingo - this is the one for you.

Climbing is rapidly gaining popularity in London as a fantastic way to keep fit and have fun. Take it from the AVA Team who’ve done it!

Arch Climbing have some of the best climbing walls on offer in London with their biggest boasting 20,000 sq. ft. of unadulterated climbing wall joy.

No need for a harness, ropes or mats - just rock up and get climbing! View on AVA
Meantime Brewery - Tour and tasting It’s literally a piss up in a brewery Greenwich, ££ Featured Auction Yes, that’s right, this is literally a piss up in a brewery. Where could it possibly go wrong?

Meantime are the brewer that made beer cool again. And their incredible brewery, based down in Greenwich, welcomes groups in for exclusive brewery tours and of course tastings!

Nothing better for a team that like their ales, lagers and IPAs but need convincing that they should socialise somewhere other than the pub.
View on AVA
Mimo London Chef’s Table For the classier work-do Borough Market, £££ Featured Auction Sometimes your work-do needs to be a bit classier, a little more intimate. Maybe you need to impress the new boss? Or you’re celebrating some great results.

Look no further than Mimo London’s chef’s table. Set in a stunning red brick building on the very edge of Borough Market their 2nd-floor dining room offers a glorious opportunity to watch their incredible chefs in action as they cook up a storm just for you.

It might not be right for every work night out but for that special one we couldn’t pick one better. View on AVA
Omescape - VR escape room Out of this world Islington, ££ Featured Auction It’s here. The future. And the future is VR.

Get your headset on and transport yourself and your team to other worlds in Omescape’s VR escape room and VR shoot-out.

The VR here is so good that you’ll soon forget it is VR - you’ll be fully immersed in your virtual surroundings and with the task in hand. With plenty of teamwork required to succeed this is a great team-building activity and one that is a bit more inventive than your typical corporate away days.

And whatever happens, it at least gives you the opportunity to virtually shoot your boss. Glorious. View on AVA
Bounce Legitimately backhand your boss Farringdon or Old Street, £ Featured Auction It’s table tennis. But in a bar.

Simple but bloody glorious.

Get the team down there, order a few drinks and begin the ping-pong battle. Optional alternatives to your classic singles or doubles include ‘round the world’ or an old style-ladder system - who’ll be on top at the end?

It’s a great alternative for a work night out and whatever happens there’s always one person who’ll surprise you by suddenly whipping out a glorious down the line backhand winner despite having displayed all the sporting prowess of a small shrew in the office. Check them out
Medieval Banquet Party like it’s 1499 St Katherine’s Docks, ££ Featured Auction Sure you could go to a nice restaurant and enjoy some fancy food. But why do that when you could go have a full-on medieval banquet?

We’re talking meats, roast everything, mead, wine, court jesters, beer. You know, your usual medieval banquet. They’ll supply the food and drink but it will be up to you to bring the courtly intrigue and merriment.

And set on the stunning St Katherine’s docks your perfectly placed to continue the night afterward - just try and avoid getting sent to the tower.

It’s a pretty different kind of work social - but hey, if it worked for Henry VIII...
Check them out
Skuna boats What do you get when you cross a hot tub with a boat? Canary Wharf, Angel, £ Featured Auction What do you get if you cross a hot tub with a boat? A hot tub boat. Sure.

The team down at Skuna have been doing some bold experimentation crossing your classic party pieces: the hot tub and the BBQ with boats. And the results ladies and gentlemen, are glorious.

Imagine cruising down London’s canals in (quite literally) a floating hot tub or crusing along whilst rustling up some burgers and hot dogs? It’s a very different kind of work social - one for the braver souls but it’s most definitely worth it.

One of the best bits about both boats is that it’s BYOB so you can stock up before you head off out into the deep blue sea and with room for 7 in the ot tub and 10 on the BBQ boat you’ll be all set. View on AVA
London Shuffle Club Everyday I’m shufflin’ Shoreditch, £ Featured Auction When you think about it, shuffleboard is a remarkably simple concept. A big stick and puck that you push from one end to the other.

And there’s just something about that glorious simplicity that makes it so compelling. Even the least competitive of your team will get into this and with a little bit of tactical thinking required as well it’s an ideal work night out.

Oh and, of course, they have a well-stocked bar. And if you hit it too hard you’re in luck as there’s handmade pizza made onsite. Sorted. Check them out
Segway Events Two wheels up Alexandra Palace or Battersea Park, ££ Featured Auction No better way to get the group giggling than to get them onto 2 wheels and jaunting about London.

Segway events have a range of Segway based activities in some awesome London locations and with various games and challenges up their sleeves it’s an ideal team building activity.

Lasting an hour it’s a great way to kick-off an evening’s entertainment and leave you with some good stories to take with you to the bar! Check them out