8 great things to do with your parents in London

Nothing inspires panic like a call from your parents saying they’re coming down to London for a visit. Where should you take them to dinner? What are you going to do all weekend? And how quickly can you clean your flat? 

Usually, it’s drinks, dinner and an early night. You chat about work, Aunt Susan’s new boyfriend, and the cat. It’s a pleasant evening, but it’s the same order of events every visit. 

But an early night in London is wasted. So we’re here to help you prove to your parents that the move to the big city was the right one. From sushi classes to chef’s tables, our selection of alternative and unique things to do with your parents will propel you to the top of the favourite child rankings overnight.

Thank us later.

We’ve also got a category for how to spend time with your parents in London, so there’s no need to panic!

Japanese Whisky Tasting at MAP Maison An evening of sophistication in a quirky bar Dalston, ££ Featured Auction Join the cocktail connoisseurs at MAP Maison for an exclusive evening of learning all there is to know about Japanese whisky.

MAP Maison holds one of the largest selections of Japanese whisky in Europe, so it’s fair to say the team are experts when it comes to all things Japanese whisky. You can spend the evening trying their whiskies, sip on a few cocktails and enjoy some of their wonderful tapas.

A mini masterclass, whisky tastings, cocktails and tapas... your parents will love you forever! View on AVA
Aman Spa A hidden gem Mayfair, £££ Featured Auction Relax, recharge, and unwind at Aman Spa, the hidden spa in The Connaught hotel in Mayfair.

Treat mum and dad to facials, massages and hot tubs, with specialist treatments tailored to you.

Swim in black granite swimming pools or gain access to their state-of-the-art gym.

With treatment rooms, relaxation areas, steam rooms, and many more facilities, it’s the most relaxing place in London. Mum and dad will thank you.
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Mr Foggs Tipsy Afternoon Tea Mayfair, ££ Featured Auction The phrase “afternoon tea” brings up images of peacefully sipping delightful teas and tasting delicious scones and cucumber sandwiches.

It’s a tradition that dates back hundreds of years and it is quintessentially British. But maybe there’s a better way to do afternoon tea?

Mr. Foggs has an afternoon tea featuring a new star: gin. Their “Tipsy Tea” includes champagne, gin-infused teas, and bite-sized treats.

It’s the afternoon tea with a twist, and the perfect upgrade to the tradition mum and dad will love.
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Hidden Jazz Club Move to the beat Secret Location, £ Featured Auction Bringing Jazz to London, Hidden Jazz Club is the quirky traveling concert that parents will love.

Ranging from local artists to Grammy Award winners, the music is incredible and so is the atmosphere.

Moving from location to location, the jazz nights are held everywhere from underground basements to re-purposed railway arches.

Discover the musical side of London with a style that will show your parents just how far you've come since they used to tell you to turn that music down! Check them out
Mimo London's ultimate cooking masterclass Sharpen your culinary skills Borough Market, £££ Featured Auction Your parents will love this four-hour class, where you'll get to learn the culinary basics and beyond.

Working with the freshest seasonal products their incredibly talented chefs will help you create both traditional and not-so-traditional dishes.

From a tapas class where you'll be packing powerful punches into small bites to their Spanish cooking class where you'll learn how to create the perfect paella.

Each cooking class ends with a delicious lunch accompanied by carefully chosen wine pairings... the perfect parent day out in London!
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The Rhythm & Booze Project Open whisky bar & live blues music - that's neat! Multiple Bars & Pubs in London, ££ Featured Auction Rather than just going to your local pub for a drink or two, we reckon your parents would appreciate a bit more thought into it...are we right?

With the guys at The Rhythm and Booze Project, a night with your parents has just got 100x better.

You'll get to enjoy a unique night of live blues music in an intimate setting with an open whisky bar for the entire night. As musicians and whisky professionals, The Rhythm and Booze Project will teach you all-things-whiskey whilst performing some incredible blues music in this entertaining and unique show.

Trust us the vibes and atmosphere is always excellent and your parents will definitely be dancing! View on AVA
The Perfume Studio Create your signature scent Tunbridge Wells, £££ Featured Auction Spend a day with The Perfume Studio and leave smelling better than ever.

Bring mum and dad and learn about how scents are blended to create perfumes. Create your signature scent, one that’s so unique, no one else will be able to get their hands on it.

Finish the experience with a perfect English afternoon tea, enough to share with mum and dad.

And when Christmas rolls around and you’re not sure what to get your parents, their signature scent is stored in The Perfume Studio’s database to be reordered. Presents sorted.
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Mac & Wild's Virtual Shooting Bar Discover London's first ever virtual shooting range Devonshire Square, ££ Featured Auction Treat your parents to something different and get a bit of healthy family competition going!

Mac & Wild's Smoky Barrels Bar is the perfect evening to mix up normal dinner & drinks.

You'll get to experience London's first ever virtual shooting range and your choice of cocktail and spend the evening attempting to beat your parents with your aiming and shooting.

Transporting you all the way up to the Scottish Highlands, you'll be shooting a selection of targets including birds, deer, boar and bears as well as making your parents dress up in Mac & Wild's fancy dress shooting attire! View on AVA