Sam takes on The Jellied Eel

To put it simply, the Jellied Eel is a hidden gem. 

Up in Walthamstow, this 1920’s Pie N Mash shop transforms on Friday and Saturday evenings into a hidden cocktail bar like no other. We jumped in the cab from our place in Hackney and we were there in under 15mins. The whole street was bustling on a Friday night, adding to the pre-vibe before we arrived.

Paul from the Jellied Eel welcomed us in and the place was filling up from around 7pm. I’ve been to my fair share of bars around London and safe too say that this cocktail menu was comparable to the likes of none. Hands down some of (if not the best) cocktails I have had. With the menu being changed to match the season, we each tried various cocktails and then of course re-ordered the favourites.


The experience was to try the entire food menu, and we were starving, so we said just bring it all. From initial inspection of the menu, it seemed like it would be small plates of nibbles to share. But when the food came it was anything but (see photos).

Jellied Eel
Jellied Eel Tom Harrison Photography

The food was on-par with the cocktails and was almost fine-dining quality. The table was packed to the brim with delectable food and cocktails and as we sampled our way through. 

The Jellied Eel mixologists worked their magic, the tunes were pumping and the place was alive. Not in a negative light, but the experience all in all exceeded all of our expectations and we were raving about it all the way home and the next few days. We’ve already booked in to go again and we can now understand what all the hype was about.


The staff were lovely and welcoming and this is a solid 9.5/10 experience. I attended with two Germans (well known for their forthcoming approach) and even they couldn’t find a flaw. Maybe that speaks more volume than any of the above!