Sam Relaxes at Float Hub

Float Hub was a calling after having one too many bottomless brunches recently. I thought it was best I find a relaxing experience. Something that doesn’t involve taking pictures to post on instagram (for once).

So I headed over to the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch to the little place of relaxation called Float Hub.

Situated on Old Street, Float Hub leads you downstairs to escape the madness of the city.

I was welcomed by a lovely member of the Float Hub team and they explained some of the benefits of the sensory deprivation tank before being shown to my own personal room complete with the pod, a shower and a room to change.

After taking a shower whilst the pod filled up, I hopped into the tank, ready to float. The initial sensation is really quite odd, feeling weightless and being deprived of all other senses. It was a truly bizarre yet unreal experience.

Float Pods London

Some soothing music plays and the lights dim before you lay in the soundless darkness for a whole hour. The time really seems to fly by. You’re in a state of complete relaxation, no tense muscles, just floating without even thinking about it. It certainly gives you a sense of disconnection from the outside world. It felt like time to think about anything, think about nothing…meditate.

Float Pods London Float Hub

After an hour, the lights and music slowly come back on and you finish the float feeling completely at ease. After a quick shower, I headed to the post-float relaxation room where I could help myself to herbal and organic teas to finish off the session.

Float Hub London

The experience all-in-all was really quite amazing and I will definitely be booking in a second session. Taking the time out from the hustle and bustle of London life really felt like it improved my mood and I had clarity of thought.