Sam goes bottomless at Gamma Gamma

Hey, I’m Sam – the partnerships manager here at AVA. Essentially my job is searching out the best experiences in London for us to auction.

I also spend my time testing experiences, so when you guys win, we know you’re going to enjoy it! (It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it).

Here’s my review of our latest bottomless Margarita brunch at Gamma Gamma. I have a great time, so hope you enjoy!

If a restaurant puts the words bottomless and brunch together, then I’m already there. Particularly when it’s one of my favourites, Gamma Gamma. 

I headed over there last week to try their new culinary fusion bottomless brunch that comes complete with Prosecco OR their Japanese-Inspired Yuzu Margaritas… now we’re talking.

Discover Bottomless Exotic Brunch

Nestled in the heart of Soho, Gamma Gamma had a bustling vibe that carried from the street into the restaurant. We were welcomed by their friendly staff and shown to our table in their cool and quirky setting. 

They spoke my language straight away as they firstly asked, “Who wants a drink?” (plus asking for any dietary requirements, which is always a good sign). 

I opted for the Yuzu Margaritas (of course) and safe to say it was an excellent choice. The dishes started to roll out, with the table soon filling with a colourful array of different plates of food. It was definitely enough for all to share and take your pick!

The service was excellent and they were prompt in filling up the glasses of bubbles and kept my cocktails flowing.

Yuzu cocktails

After the first 3 sharing courses, we had a little 20 min break before they bought out the Lamb Bao Donuts, which were AMAZING!

Last but not least, their culinary fusion impressed us all yet again as they bought out their Gamma Gamma Toast, a spin on your usual French toast, this came topped with a beautiful raspberry conserve, banana and creamy and refreshing ice cream.

Gamma Gamma Squid

We hung around and I continued to sip on these glorious cocktails before heading back out into the hustle and bustle of Soho to carry on our day!