Sam dines at Anoy Kitchen

I had the absolute pleasure of joining Anoy Kitchen last weekend for their intimate supper club and it honestly blew us away. The food we enjoyed was a complete work of art with each dish being just as vibrant and beautiful as the next!

This was certainly a completely different dining experience than I’ve ever done before but it was a fantastic evening with some of the most amazing food I’ve ever tasted – check out my full review below.

With a bottle of wine in the tote bag (and another picked up along the way), we headed down to Battersea to enjoy Anoy Kitchen’s Supper Club, a unique dining experience where art meets food.

We were warmly welcomed by Levon & Adrienne who have turned their lovely kitchen into this unique supper club. The music was playing and the smell coming from the kitchen was amazing. They talked us through how Anoy came to be as they poured a glass of wine for us and we got to chatting. The vibe was relaxed, informal and welcoming.

Over the next approx 3 hours, we were treated to 6 incredible courses from the chefs, each one more aesthetic than the last (if that was even possible).

Not only did they look amazing, they tasted sublime. From the likes of their pickled daikon dish – as an amuse-bouche – to the high-grade, pork belly skewers, the selection of seasonal ingredients was something to be marvelled at in itself. Fresh produce straight from the market to the plate, some of which I had never heard of!

The plating skills and attention to detail for each of their dishes was like nothing I had ever experienced. I suppose this is what you get when you combine design and food! The photos speak for themselves on this account as it is hard to describe the preparation work and finesse that goes on behind the scenes.

By the time we came to our final course and were a few glasses deep, we were full to the brim with good food and drink. We were welcomed to stay after, keep chatting and drinking until whatever time we pleased! This supper-club was a very unique and memorable experience and I will be back!