Mollie paints at PopUp Painting

Just before Christmas, I decided to head to another BYOB experience and this time at PopUp Painting. I also bought my trusty M&S cocktail cans along with me this time!

I made my way to Liverpool Street to join PopUp Painting for some festive artwork and jingles.

Although I painted nothing quite like Picasso, the evening started well with a paint palette in one hand and a complimentary glass of Prosecco in the other.

It was a super chilled and fun atmosphere (especially with the added Christmas music and singing) and the PopUp Painting team were friendly and helpful.

We started off by each grabbing an apron and the lovely team covered our palettes with all the colours we needed.

PopUp Painting

If you’re wondering, each event is a different painting and artist, meaning you can definitely go more than twice! On this evening, we got to paint the wonderful Annie Dalton’s Snowy Penguin. 

With guidance from the artist, it was fun to follow and paint along on our own canvases. However, they certainly don’t limit you. You can do anything you want… (as you’ll see later).

We all stopped halfway to let our paintings dry before we went into the detail. This ended up being the perfect time to look around and suss out the competition as well as pour ourselves another drink. 

I played my painting pretty safe, attempting to keep fairly close to the original – a bit like a paint-by-numbers – however looking around, some people definitely had other ideas.

Prosecco and Painting
PopUp Painting events
wellness experience

The evening featured a bat-penguin (an accident that turned into a brilliant idea) plus a Teletubby (Po?). This guy said he spent too long on his background and needed to catch up!

The atmosphere was great and it was definitely fun to try something different this winter. The combination of painting and Prosecco is definitely a winner!