Mollie Bakes Bread at Cook & Craft Collective

Last week after work, I headed over to Cook & Craft Collective for the ultimate Bread-Making Masterclass. I had the best evening with expert baker JoJo in her lovely kitchen. We got to take home a huuuuge amount of bread as well as top tips and recipes!

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Set in JoJo’s kitchen, the workshop was fun and relaxed and we felt right at home! In this BYOB workshop, we made 3 different breads from scratch, learning all the basics. We understood the importance of using certain flours and how this makes bread making so different. After a chat and a glass of bubbly, we got stuck into the making!

First off, JoJo showed us how to make a beautiful, Danish Spelt and Rye bread. We learnt the best way to mix this softer bread as well as the measurements and combinations of flours.

It was super fun getting hands-on in this Bread Masterclass, especially trying to continue sipping away with gooey hands! We added mixed seeds to these loaves to make sure each bread we took home was completely different.


Once the dough was ready to prove, we did a swap of ingredients to begin our Italian focaccia (my favourite bread!).

We learnt that this is a similar style and texture to pizza bread, but you add a lot more salt to give it its unique flavour.

Our final bread was probably my favourite to make as we could customise it however we liked! JoJo showed us how to make these Italian swirly breads that, after proving, we flattened out and added our favourite toppings.

Keeping it savoury, we went for sun-dried tomatoes and black olives… although JoJo said people love to make it with Nutella! We then made the dough into individual swirls (that didn’t look half as good as JoJo’s but still tasted great).


The masterclass was so much fun and it was great to just enjoy the experience without feeling rushed. With a bottle or two of bubbly this was just the perfect evening and I can’t wait to experience more classes and try more fun and unique baking!


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