Coronavirus: The Latest From Us

Updated: 4/11/20

As we head back into lockdown you can find out below what we’re doing in response and how that might affect you.

This is a very difficult time for the world of hospitality which had just been emerging from the shadow of the first lockdown but as always our primary aim is to look after the wellbeing of you, our customers and our partners.

What We’re Doing

– Redemption dates on existing vouchers will be further extended

We had initially extended all voucher redemption dates affected by Coronavirus to 31st January 2021. However, given that there is now a further lockdown and period of time that you will not be able to use existing vouchers we will be further extending them.

We’re not able to say exactly when vouchers will be extended to until we have a confirmed date for the end of restrictions but we will make sure the extension is generous and allows you plenty of time to use your voucher.

Extensions will be provided to any unused voucher with an expiry date falling after 1st March 2020.

There’s nothing you need to do, experience partners will know to accept ‘out of date’ vouchers when you’re able to use them again.

– Refunds are only available in certain circumstances

We understand that many of you will have been frustrated by the fact you’re unable to use your vouchers over the past months and we’re very sorry about the situation.

As we’re extending vouchers to enable you to use them in the future, we’re not able to provide refunds on existing vouchers unless the voucher has been purchased within the last 14 days.

In the sad situation where a partner may have gone out of business we are also unable to provide refunds unless that partner has paid us back what they owe us. We pay our partners when a voucher is sold, not when it is redeemed. We do this to support our partners, many of whom are small businesses. But if a partner goes out of business that means we do not have the funds to provide refunds unless we are paid back for any unused vouchers.

For any partners that have gone out of business we will actively pursue any monies owed to us and when we can recover them we’ll provide any customer with an unused voucher refunds directly.

You can still win ‘at home’ experiences

We have a range of fantastic ‘at-home’ experiences for you to bid on, win and enjoy.

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