Chris gets Pissed at Vauxhall Comedy Club

A few Fridays ago I popped along to Vauxhall Comedy Club for an evening of Bottomless drinks and comedy. Their venue is an intimate space underneath Vauxhall’s railway arches. During the evening, we were treated to 4 different comedians, plenty of laughs and booze and overall a great night. Check out my full review below.

Vauxhall Comedy Club is literally a 1-minute walk from Vauxhall station (which was handy as it was pouring with rain) – on arrival, we were promptly given our all-important ‘bottomless booze’ wristbands and left to roam the street food garden.

We arrived before the comedy started, the perfect time to crack into the bottomless booze. We had rounds of cider, lager and G&T (if you’re asking) and grabbed dinner from the food stalls. From curry to burgers, there was a great mix of food, keeping everyone happy. This helped soak up a bit of the booze before we made our way inside!

Vauxhall Comedy Club

After a good 90 minutes of bottomless drinking, we made our way into the venue. Operating as a nightclub in the later hours of the night it immediately felt intimate. We sat at the back and the stage still felt very close. And with a good crowd already in their seats, a palpable buzz continued as we waited for the main event.

Things kicked off with what I guess was the MC who did a good job of absolutely rinsing some guy called Dave in the front row (who was asking for it after choosing to heckle approximately 10 seconds into the guys warm-up set) and getting the crowd ready for the first acts. 

The comedians change up all the time so I won’t spend too long discussing the specific acts other than to say they were genuinely all hilarious. I think the thing I liked most was that each had a very different style – it probably says a lot that of our group of 3 we all preferred different ones! We had a dead-pan one-liner, a McIntryre-esque bundle of energy, some audience interaction (avoid the front row!) and more.


After the first two acts we left for the interval – still cracking up at some of the gags – and topped up our bottomless cups for a couple of quick ones before heading back in. The final two acts were quality and may or may not have led to me partially spilling my drink all over the guy’s coat in front of me after a particularly belting joke about a Welsh family.  I’ll leave your imaginations to guess what that might have been…

None of the acts we saw were particularly famous but they were all brilliant. We agreed that we enjoyed this more – it was intimate, casual and felt very raw. Oh and the bottomless booze was pretty handy too.

Vauxhall Comedy Club

A few more drinks in the outside area ended our time here and it still had a great atmosphere. We then trundled on into the carnage that was London on a cold December evening. We walked away still debating the best jokes and whether ‘Dave’ would ever get over his utter annihilation.

So overall I had a great night at Vauxhall Comedy Club that I’d highly recommend. It’s perfect to kick off a big night out or as the main event itself.