Barney Makes Chocolate at Melt

Some of our most popular experiences come from the wonderful team at “Melt Chocolate”. So not wanting to miss out on a good thing, I went down to review their “BYOB chocolate making masterclass”. As a precursor, it was Tuesday and I’d just spent the weekend drinking beer in Bruges – so don’t judge me, but I didn’t BYOB on this one. 

I thought it was a banger, so I hope you enjoy my review!

As we were welcomed by owner Andrew and the Head Chocolatier Neus, my first impressions were that it looked and smelled incredible! There were only 4 of us booked for that evening’s class and it was great to meet fellow AVA members James and Gigi.

The class started with an immersive tasting session, led by Andrew. This was pretty fun as for half of the session we were blindfolded. Andrew said that relying on just your tastebuds alone, you can really savour the flavours.


He was definitely right! We got to try a range of different chocolates and the coconut truffle was a clear winner for me. We also learnt that tasting chocolate is a lot like tasting wine (who knew!)

Melt Chocolate Make Your Own BYOB

Then… the fun part. We started to make our own chocolate bars, firstly peeling cocoa beans which I was legit terrible at!

Things then started to get messy as we prepped the chocolate for the moulds. We all managed to keep things relatively tidy, but I can imagine after a few glasses of Prosecco things could have gone differently…

It was pretty cool seeing the whole process from bean to bar. I was actually quite impressed with how my chocolate bars turned out! We got to make 3 bars each, and choose a variety of our own flavourings to add.

Chocolate Making

I went with some pretty rogue flavour combos, but it seemed to work out pretty well. Who knew that mint, chilli and salt is a surprisingly delicious flavour combo?!

Everything about the evening was great! Andrew was super helpful and made the session really fun. You can see my 3 finished bars below and although I wouldn’t class myself as a Chocolatier just yet, I don’t think I’m far off!

Once our bars were ready to take home, we got to package them up, complete with a beautiful Melt Chocolate bag. I obvs used this as an opportunity to get some free brand exposure! 

10/10 doesn’t really exist in my eyes, so I can easily say that this experience with Melt is a genuine 9/10.

Melt AVA