Barney Drinks Cocktails at Doña Bar

Last Thursday I headed down to Doña Bar to try out two of their cocktail experiences. We tried their entire cocktail menu and had a go at making our own in their Marvellous Mezcal Masterclass. Despite it being a dark, rainy Thursday, my evening was brilliant, made possible by the fantastic Doña Bar team.

A bit of background on Doña Bar itself… Doña started life as a Stokey based Mezcal pop-up. It’s also one of only all-female led bars in London! Yet, the place was so popular that it became a permanent fixture. Now I can see why!

After walking in I was immediately struck by the amazing decor! With pink and red hues everywhere, it’s kind of like walking into a Wes Anderson movie and I half expected Monsieur Gustave H to pop out at some point. (Niche reference for anyone who has seen Grand Budapest Hotel). 

Cocktail masterclass

We started off by enjoying the cocktail tasting experience, where we got to enjoy 3 mezcal cocktails each. I had the DOÑA (delicious) the Gaynor (delicious) & Vertame (not my fave). Despite only loving 2 out of 3, what I really liked about all of them is you could tell the bar staff were really passionate about the drinks they were making. 

Cocktail making

Following these 3 cocktails (and now pretty tipsy for a school night), we sampled the cocktail making masterclass. I’ve been to plenty of crappy Cocktail Masterclasses in London that rush you through. But I can confirm at Doña you’re going to get a really hands on personal experience. 

Cocktail making

We ended our evening by listening to the fantastic jazz band who had just begun playing. The perfect cherry on the top of a really fun evening. 

Doña Bar

I would highly recommend our Doña Bar experiences to anyone. If you enjoy trying new cocktail bars, are looking for a quirky date location or you loves Wes Anderson films you need to check this place out! Although Stoke Newington can be a trek for some, in my experience it will be worth the trip. Plus, what’s life without a bit of adventure.