AVA Team Social at Mac & Wild’s Virtual Shooting Bar

As you guys know, we like to try out our experiences to make sure they’re up to scratch for our members… so we’re never short of options for our AVA socials!

Last week we headed up to the Scottish Highlands (not literally) to experience Mac & Wild’s virtual shooting range in their Smoky Barrels Bar! 

We had a cracking evening with some great cocktails, although some people were definitely better at the shooting than others (guess why they made me write this one…)

The basement of Mac & Wild’s Devonshire Square Restaurant has been transformed into a Scottish Highlands-esque bar, complete with three lanes of Virtual Shooting. It was a cosy, rustic bar and even though we were the first ones there (keenos) it still had a great vibe and atmosphere.

The team at Mac & Wild got us set up on one of the lanes and once we were shown how to calibrate our guns (and he gave me some extra advice), we were ready to start competing against each other!

We got to pick different types of shooting with different difficulties. You could choose a range of locations (from swamp to forest) and different types of animal – all of which behaved completely differently! We started off with moose, boars, deer and finally birds… and then went back to any of the ones we enjoyed most (and found easier in my case).

It seemed like everyone got the hang of it pretty quickly and the guys clearly had a good eye for shooting. I, on the other hand, only managed to be great at the calibration… maybe my inner animal lover got the better of me!

ava social

Virtual shooting

I can’t miss out the fact that our serious AVA founders thought it would be best to dress up in the hunting attire that Mac & Wild provide – check out Chris ‘looking’ and ‘feeling’ the part!

I think at this point we were kind of glad to have the bar to ourselves…

Once we played a few rounds against each other, swapping who we were up against and getting used to the different animals and locations, we ordered some cocktails from their menu. 

Between us we had their Foraged Old Fashion, Wild Fizz, Black Watch Espresso Martini (obviously Sam) & a Dundee Sour… all delicious and would highly recommend!

Now, I will have to admit how shamefully shocking I was at this, otherwise I probably won’t hear the last of it. However, for some reason, I was actually better at the bird shooting over the moose, so I think that’s an achievement in itself. But all in all it’s definitely safe to say I was knocked out of the competition before it had begun.

virtual shooting

Nevertheless, we had a great night and the Mac & Wild team were super helpful and relaxed. Whether there’s 2 of you or 10, this is a great activity in an even greater bar… plus the most amazing burgers just upstairs… check out our other Mac & Wild experiences!