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Enjoy a group climbing lesson and free day pass

What’s included in the experience?

  • An introductory group climbing lesson, plus an extra day pass
  • Usually £31pp
  • You’ll receive an hour’s climbing tuition
  • You’re then free to use the centre for the entire day
  • AVA members also receive a free follow up day pass
  • All equipment including rental shoes and chalk are included

Redemption Info

  • Valid for a whole 12 months
  • You can redeem every day of the week during opening hours, subject to availability
  • For between 2-5 people
  • To be redeemed either at Arch North or Arch Acton locations
  • 16+

Full Redemption Details

Auction T&Cs

Arch Climbing Wall

Situated just moments away from Burnt Oak tube station, The ArchNorth is a climbing oasis accessible to both beginners and...

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Full Experience Details

Experience the city from a new perspective. Horizontal to be specific. With a group climbing experience at ArchClimbing’s North or Acton venue.

Now we can’t offer you a fully fledged mountain to conquer (sorry, London doesn’t have any of those), but we can offer you an adrenaline-fueled climbing lesson for yourself and your friends.

With lessons suitable to all abilities, rental shoes and climbing chalk included, you’ll only need to bring yourself and comfortable climbing clothing along.

You’ll learn how to safely climb indoors as well as being taught the three techniques that form the foundations for proper climbing technique.

And the fun doesn’t have to stop once the lesson has commenced. You’ll be free to climb the walls of the centre for the rest of the day as well as receiving a free follow-up day pass!

When can I redeem?

Lessons can be booked during Arch North’s or Arch Acton’s opening hours and are subject to availability:

—> Monday 10am–10pm

—> Tuesday 10am–10pm

—> Wednesday 10am–10pm

—> Thursday 10am–10pm

—> Friday 10am–10pm

—> Saturday 10am–9pm

—> Sunday 10am–9pm

Auction terms & conditions

  • This auction is subject to the normal terms and conditions governing AVA’s member
  • Once redeemed you will be subject to ArchClimbing’s standard terms and conditions

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