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A bottle of Cassidy’s finest cocktail delivered plus an immersive experience voucher

What’s included in the experience?

  • Your choice of pre-mixed prohibition cocktails and a virtual bootlegging experience
  • Plus 40% (£14) off one ticket to their amazing immersive experiences once reopened
  • Usually worth £36pp
  • Get a 250ml bottle (~3 cocktails) of pre-mixed cocktail delivered straight to your door
  • More than just a cocktail, enjoy a full virtual bootlegging experience from your home
  • Enjoy 40% off two tickets to at any of their incredible immersive venues: Moonshine Saloon or Alcotraz once they re-open

Redemption Info

  • Postage & packaging are included, please allow 5 days for delivery
  • Our Experience Partners work hard to ensure all packages meet the government’s health & safety guidelines
  • 40% off voucher valid for one ticket and for 3 months from venues re-opening
  • You’re entitled to a no questions asked refund within 14 days of winning

Full Redemption Details

Auction T&Cs

Cassidy's Pharmacy

Cassidy’s pharmacy is a brand new at-home experience brought to you by Inventive Productions, the storytellers behind linked immersive experiences Alcotraz and...

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Full Experience Details

Cassidy’s Pharmacy is open for business and they’re bringing you the best prohibition inspired cocktails in town.

Take your pick from one of their six incredible homemade cocktails and get a 250ml bottle (that’s about 3 cocktails) delivered straight to your door.

And this is far more than just a cocktail delivery, you’ll be taken into the shady world of bootlegging as you. immerse yourself in their specially created virtual experience. You’ll receive secret video messaging from characters throughout the bootlegging journey as well as access to exclusive content.

You’ll get to choose from:

–> Espresso Martini
–> Passion Fruit Spritz
–> Gin Berry Sour
–> Cask Aged Negroni
–> Pineapple Margarita
–> Seville Orange Old Fashioned

Cocktails homemade in small batches using bespoke bitters, handmade liqueurs and premium spirits. They’re quick to serve, can be stored for up to 6 months and last 28 days once opened in the fridge.

And not only that, once lockdown is over and we’re out of prohibition, they’ll give you 40% off two tickets to one of their incredible immersive venues: either Moonshine Saloon where you’ll experience life as an outlaw, joining the illicit moonshine smuggling gang of the Wild West, or Alcotraz where you’ll be smuggling booze behind bars and past the wardens to get it mixed by the toughest inmates…

The Cocktails in Detail

Passion Fruit Spritz Handmade using Ketel One Vodka, Passoa, Vanilla Syrup and Passionfruit Puree. A bright and exotic combination of passionfruit, vanilla and vodka. Topped with Prosecco for added sparkle!
Pour 75ml into a Highball/Wine glass. Top with 75ml Prosecco or Soda for an extra fizz.

Gin Berry SourHandmade using Beefeater Gin, Crème de Mure, Raspberry & Lime Shrub and Blackcurrant Leaf. Prepared with a Vegan Foamer to give a great texture. A sweet, tart and rich flavour with a berry kick and aromatic gin botanicals.
Shake 100ml for three seconds so the drink starts to foam. Pour into an ice-filled tumbler and ideally garnish with a slice of lemon.

Cask Aged Negroni Handmade with Tanqueray Export Strength Gin, Rosso Vermouth, Rosehip Bitter Liqueur and Bespoke Negroni Bitters. Aged with Bordeaux Wine Cask. A classic bitter-sweet Negroni with bespoke aromatic bitters and stunning depth from ageing with Bordeaux Wine Casks.
Pour 90ml into an ice filled tumbler. Gently stir. Top with more ice so that you don’t have any ice floating in the liquid. Garnish with an Orange or Grapefruit wedge.

Espresso MartiniHandmade using Ketel One Vodka, Cold Brew Coffee Kahlua and Fresh Coffee Syrup. A classic interpretation of the UK’s most popular cocktail.
Pour 100ml into a shaker. Shake hard for 3 seconds until drink develops a thin foam. Pour liquid into a martini glass.

Pineapple MargaritaHandmade using Ocho Blanco and Reposado Tequilas, combined with Agave Syrup, Dried Persian Lime and Pineapple Infusion. A smooth and rich Margarita to which we add a Dried Persian Lime macerate for musky and lively sherbet-like citrus notes and pineapple for a tropical finish!
Pour 90ml into an ice filled tumbler. Stir briefly. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Seville Orange Old FashionedHandmade using Bulleit Bourbon, Seville Orange and Bitter Orange Syrup and Bourbon Bitters. A classic version of the popular Old Fashioned Cocktail, complemented with a subtle Seville Orange aroma and taste.
Fill glass with ice and briefly leave to chill. Pour 75ml into the glass and garnish with an orange slice.

When can I redeem?

At-Home Cocktails

Once you’ve won, you’ll email Cassidy’s Pharamacy with your voucher, full name, telephone number, address and your choice of cocktails so your at-home experience can be sent to you!

Postage & packaging are included, please allow 5 days for delivery

You’ve got a full 3 months to redeem your at-home experience

40% Off Voucher

Once venues have re-opened, you’ll email inventive productions with your voucher and choice of venue to redeem your experience

You’ve got a full 3 months from venues re-opening to redeem your experience

Auction terms & conditions

  • This auction is subject to the normal terms and conditions governing AVA’s members
  • Once redeemed you will be subject to Inventive Productions’ normal Terms and Conditions
  • Postage & packaging are included in the price

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