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Date Night Dining: Online cook-a-long with head chef Joseba

What’s included in the experience?

  • Cook a stunning 2-course date night dinner at this online cook-a-long on Thursday 4th June from 7pm-8pm
  • Usually worth £10pp
  • This experience is part of our FREE 4 FURLOUGH initiative, claim your free experience by hitting the Free 4 Furlough button
  • Guidance from the incredible Head Chef Joseba Lasa, who’s cooked for The Beckhams, at 3 Royal Family Weddings and more
  • You’ll be making British Asparagus Tostadas and Seared Sea Bass with Cauliflower Puree
  • Bring a bottle along to enjoy as you dine (and whilst you cook!)

Redemption Info

  • The date night cook-a-long will take place on Thursday 4th June from 7pm-8pm
  • The class will take place over Zoom
  • You’ll need some basic ingredients and equipment (all easy to get hold of – full list below)
  • You’ll be sent a link for your Zoom call on the day

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Head Chef Joseba

Joseba Lasa, a resident of London for nearly 10 years, is one of the Basque Country’s most dynamic young chefs....

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Full Experience Details

Working out what to do on date night was never easy but lockdown has added a whole new level of difficulty!

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a date night cook-a-long where you’ll create a stunning 2-course dinner with expert guidance from the incredible Head Chef Joseba Lasa, one of London’s youngest-ever executive chefs.

You’ll be making:

STARTER: British asparagus tostadas, with jalapenos, mint, ricotta and (optional) anchovies

MAIN COURSE: Seared sea bass, cauliflower puree, roast cauliflower and brown butter with capers

Head Chef Joseba will guide you every step of the way from blanching the asparagus, making asparagus and jalapeno puree, pickling red onion and frying tortillas for the starter and making the most velvety cauliflower puree, roasting cauliflower florets, making brown butter with capers and lemon and searing the fish to get the crispiest of skins.

All that will be left for you to do is enjoy your at-home fine dining experience and wash it all down with your favourite tipple.

About the Chef

Joseba Lasa, a resident of London for nearly 10 years, is one of the Basque Country’s most dynamic young chefs. At only 33 years of age, he’s catered at three Royal Family weddings, the World Economic Forum at Davos, and for some of the world’s best-known celebrities and politicians, from the Beckhams, Theresa May, Kate Moss, and Hugh Grant to Jimmy Carter and Elton John, to name a few.

As London’s youngest ever executive chef in the catering industry, he is a veritable expert at designing innovative menus and unique dishes.

When can I redeem?

The cook-a-long class will take place on Thursday 4th June from 7pm-8pm

The class will take place over Zoom

If you’re a winner, you’ll receive a Zoom link via email before the class is due to start

Please make sure you’re on the Zoom call 5 minutes before the class starts. The class will begin without you if you’re late!

What Ingredients and Equipment do I need?


–> Green Asparagus x 8-10 Spears
–> Mint x few small leaves
–> Tinned jalapenos x 30g
–> Ricotta x 200g
–> Red onion x 1
–> Anchovies x 8 (Optional, if you don’t like them don’t worry)
–> Store bought tortillas x 4 (fajita wraps or similar)
–> White wine vinegar x 100g
–> Caster sugar x 100g
–> Butter x 30g
–> Vegetable oil x 500ml

–> Seabass x 2 fillets
–> Cauliflower x 1
–> Capers x 40g
–> Lemon x 1
–> Double cream x 300g
–> Butter x 150g
–> Chives x 1 bunch (Optional)


–> Chopping board
–> Knives
–> Small pot with lid
–> Medium pot
–> Frying pan
–> Oven tray (Small)
–> Blender
–> Oven & Stove
–> Round cutters(Optional)

Auction terms & conditions

  • This auction is subject to the normal terms and conditions governing AVA’s members
  • Once redeemed you will be subject to Chef Joseba’s normal Terms and Conditions

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