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Create your very own authentic Italian gelato

What’s included in the experience?

  • Create your very own traditional gelato and a gelato cake from scratch in this 2-hour class
  • Usually worth £45pp
  • Learn the secrets to Unico’s authentic gelato recipe with two of Unico’s masters
  • Get to grips with their unique gelato machine and create your very own gelato
  • As well as your gelato, you’ll create a self-made gelato cake to take home and enjoy
  • Receive a 20% discount voucher that can be used at any of Unico’s stores
  • Our AVA exclusive reserve price is lower than anywhere else on the market

Redemption Info

  • This experience has not yet confirmed a re-opening date. Please check back for updates.
  • You’ve got a full 6 months to redeem your experience
  • Available to redeem for Unico’s organised classes or book in a group of 4 or more and arrange a date of your choice (subject to availability)
  • 12+
  • An experience for 2-10 people
  • You’ll be put in touch directly with the Unico team to arrange a convenient time
  • You’re entitled to a no questions asked refund within 14 days of winning

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Bringing a true taste of Italian Gelato to London, Unico Gelato & Caffe is an Italian delicatessen specialising in gelato,...

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Full Experience Details

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice-cream! (Well, Gelato…but that doesn’t rhyme)

The Gelato laboratory is now open! Open and ready for you to start mixing up a delectable frozen masterpiece.

The class is run by one of Unico’s master chefs at their West London parlour. And as you’ll become an honorary member of the Unico team, the chefs will not only teach you the tricks of the gelato trade but also fill you in on a few secrets to their authentic Bologna gelato recipe.

Your gelato journey will start with you learning how to create the perfect gelato recipe, by preparing blends and balancing out ingredients, which will act as the first stage of creating your favourite personalised gelato flavour.

Assisting the chefs in the Gelato making process, you’ll then learn to understand when the gelato is ready and how to extract the gelato from the machine. And just like cookies that are fresh out of the oven, gelato tastes best when it’s freshly churned, so don’t hold back on tasting a spoonful or two.

Lastly, you’ll move onto creating and decorating your very own gelato cake. After sampling a range of flavours, you’ll choose two to construct your cake from. Then comes the decorating, where you’ll be provided with a range of toppings and tools to jazz up your cake.

You’ll then leave with your gelato cake and a 20% discount voucher for any Unico store and (for AVA members only)

As aprons, gloves and recipe books are provided, all you have to bring along is yourself!



Pembridge Rd, London W11 3HG, UK

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When can I redeem?

This experience has not yet confirmed a re-opening date. Please check back for updates.

Book in a group of 4 or more and pick a day of your choosing, subject to availability of the Unico team.

Otherwise, you can attend one of the following pre-set experience dates (subject to availability):

Auction terms & conditions

  • This auction is subject to the normal terms and conditions governing AVA’s members
  • Once redeemed you will be subject to Unico’s normal Terms and Conditions

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