2020 New Year Motivation: The Year of Self-Care

Congrats… We all made it to another decade (and so has the planet!!)

We know it’s a bit cliche, but who doesn’t love a fresh start in the new year? We’ve been busy sussing out fun and unique wellness and fitness experiences that are definitely worth a try in 2020.

So, kick start your ‘new year new me’ thing, get into a healthy and happy mindset, and take self care to a new level with these wellness and fitness experiences.

Float Hub’s Floatation Therapy Float away the sins of 2019... Shoreditch, ££ Featured Auction You may know this is one of our favourites by now and seriously, don’t knock it till you try it!

This is for when the buzz of the city just gets that little bit too much and you need to completely switch off with no distractions. These floatation tanks will see you elevating yourself to a new level of relaxation for a whole hour.

Their state of the art sensory deprivation tank allows all of your senses to switch off as you feel weightless and relaxed. The perfect disconnect!

It may seem daunting at first, but don’t panic, the lovely team at Float Hub are there to help and ease you into the experience telling you all the amazing benefits.

Sam recently went and experienced this, so check out his review on our blog. View on AVA
Le Chalet Cryo’s -90C Chamber Dare to take the plunge! Canary Wharf, ££ Featured Auction Another alternative wellness experience is Le Chalet Cryo’s cryotherapy session. Embrace a -90C chamber for 3-5 minutes to freshen your body & mind and rejuvenate your skin & spirit.

Not only for athletes, cryotherapy has amazing benefits including having anti-analgesic and antioxidant effects as well as improving your blood circulation and metabolism, and having a positive impact on your mood and sleep.

You’ll even have the option of buddying up with a mate to make it less daunting but you’ll certainly feel refreshed and ready for the week with this one. View on AVA
Discover Salty Yoga with a 5-class package A workout for the mind and body Elephant and Castle, £ Featured Auction This unique combination of hot yoga and salt therapy helps to detoxify the body and you'll get 5 classes of your choice from their many daily sessions, each one led by a master practitioner.

This is perfect for the early birds looking for an energising class to set you up for the day, or the night owls who wish to wind down after a long day.

Salty Yoga has redefined your typical yoga class, offering deep relaxation and rejuvenation plus lots of take-home techniques and poses. View on AVA
Discover East London's newest boutique gym Work out whilst preserving the planet Dalston, £££ Featured Auction This brand new boutique gym in Dalston is environmentally-conscious and has a zero-carbon footprint.

You'll get to choose from incredible classes including Boxing, HIIT, Spinning, Treading, Climbing and Yoga for all fitness levels, so trust them when they say they have something for everyone!

They already have a thriving fitness community and want you to join them on your fitness journey and become part of an inspiring and motivated movement.

So this experience will see you becoming the best version of yourself as you surround yourself by experienced and motivating trainers who are committed to making the world a better place. Whatever your objectives and ambitions, they’re here to help you conquer them. View on AVA
Processo and Painting? A PopUp Therapy Session... Spitalfields, £ Featured Auction Maybe a different kind of wellness experience, but it's certainly therapeutic.

The lovely team at PopUp Painting will let you get creative with a paintbrush in one hand and a prosecco glass in the other as you get to relax and have fun for the evening.

With different artwork each session and themed music, you can paint and sip and forget about your worries. (You even get to take your artwork home.)

Either follow along with the artist or go off track and paint whatever you like... they really don't mind! View on AVA
ANAMI Self Care Treatments Facial or a Massage? You choose! Shoreditch, ££ Featured Auction Think of it as a well-deserved treat to start the New Year!

Choose from our two incredible treatments at ANAMI London which include a luxury 1-hour massage package to relax and destress or a 5* personalised and bespoke facial that is tailored to your skin. (I mean you could bid on both, we're not stopping you...)

The lovely team at ANAMI focus on benefiting your body, mind and spirit and love to treat their customers to a personalised, unique experience so you can walk away feeling calm, balanced and refreshed.

This sounds like the perfect way to start 2020! View on AVA
Create a Personalised Bath Bomb The perfect self-care masterclass Bermondsey, £ Featured Auction You know we love Token Studio for all their crafty workshops!

This one is particularly relaxing and therapeutic. You'll be able to get creative and tailor a bath bomb to you, learning about your dermatological needs, and what herbs, flowers and essential oils will suit your skin type.

Take your wonderful new creation home with you, run the bath and watch it fizz! The perfect end to a busy week. View on AVA
Discover a new adventure with Secret Fitness Experience Archery, Pole or even Light Sabre Fitness?! It's a secret, ££ Featured Auction These alternative fitness sessions are the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone in 2020.

The wonderful founder of Secret Fitness, Chris, encourages you to break away from the ordinary and find a life outside London gyms whilst discovering new, exciting and unusual activities that will build both confidence and fitness.

By keeping the adventure on the down-low, you’ll arrive open-minded and ready to immerse yourself into something new… which might just become your new favourite hobby.

So team up with your friends and try something new this year! View on AVA