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VPN : Why would you use it?

VPN stands Virtual Private Network. In short, the functionality of a VPN consists of encrypting all the data sent and received on your internet connection, thus securing the data from unwanted people. What this means for us, is that it changes your ipadress, which is a number that identifies your computer on the internet. The usefulness of changing your ipadress will become clear later on. If you are interested in the technical details of VPN, I invite you to read microsoft's article “What is VPN” (href:http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc739294(v=ws.10).aspx).

Now we all know how VPN helps in protecting our online identity, but do you know what this actually means to you?

When someone gets a hold on your ipadress, they can easily find out where you are and who you are. Ipadresses contain information about the geographical location of the computer and can be linked to your person through the data held by your ISP provider. This means you are in no way anonymous when surfing the internet, since your ipadress is sent along in the http headers with every website or webpage you visit on the internet.   

“Whats the worst that could happen if you dont protect yourself”, one might wonder? Just in case some people still havent heard of online identity theft, in this day of internet and social networking, but ye thats probably the worst that could happen if you ask me.

If a hacker were to get hold of your ipadress, he can use it to continually steal bits of data sent through your internet connection. This means he can gather all the data he needs of you which he can use to exploit for his benefit.

If that wasnt convincing enough here are some other scenarios when a VPN can prove useful.

*suddenly a site gets blocked in your country by your ISP provider for whatever reason
*you got ipbanned from you favourite forum
*you want to download something but you need to complete an offer to unlock it and none of them work properly
*you want to increase your the revenue of your virtual currency farming activities

I'm sure you can think of other scenarios yourself too, when a VPN would prove useful. After having used a few trials and free ones, I decided to go with HMA because it best suited my purposes . It has an extensive server list to choose from (over 25000 ipadressess), is really easy to work with and it is fast in connecting to the servers. Asides from that, the client also offers several tools to help you optimize your connections to the servers. So, don't  wait don't hesitate. Buy now before its too late!