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How To Get Free Aeria Points/Other Virtual Currency

I wanted to keep it on the low side, but in the light of the video of my autofarmer and not many people understanding a lot about it, here are the manual steps to get free Aeria Points (or other virtual currency if you are using fanup for example).

These are the things u need:

  1. a working proxy list or VPN service:
     If you have more servers, you have more ipaddresses hence you will get more offers! For more info about VPN read "VPN: why would you use it?"
  2. The urls to the iframes of the advertisers: If you got your urls to these iframes there are several advantages.
    The first advantage is you dont need to login every time you have connected to a server, so you wont have any troubles in that way. Another advantage is that you can easily share your links with your friends without having to fear for your account getting stolen. Sure these Urls contain parameters like userid but these parameters are only used for the advertisers so they know which account the credit should go to. As far as I know, there is no way you can steal an account with any of those urls. For those who still want to try ill even give one of my urls that I regularly farm in the following brackets
    &applicationUserIdSignature=06eefc517c73afdf0c11d570a487b5d6) Well that url also serves as a nice example to illustrate my point! Anyway check the video below to see how you can get the urls for yourself.
How to get your urls
The Process

When you got your urls and a working proxy list or VPN service, you are all good to go. Just follow these steps:

  1. First setup your browser to ensure it connects to the proxy ip address. If you dont know how to do this you can either google it for a detailed explanation or google a tool that makes it easier to activate the proxy(e.g.proxytool). With a paid VPN, you often get a clientprogram that will handle the connections for you, read more here.
  2. When connected, you should always check on lagado.com/proxy-test to see if the proxy you are using, a)is actually working, b) cant be recognized as a proxy and c) isnt anonymous. If so, then you are good to go!
  3. After completing steps 1 and 2, open up your browser and paste one of your urls into the adressbar. After the page has loaded, you can do any offer you want and (if the offer actually credits) it gets credited to your account. I prefer to stick with video offers as they are easy and most reliable to credit.

Now this hasnt happened to me yet but my friend/betatester told me to add it to be sure. Apparently, depending on the host site of the iframes, your account may get banned if you are detected using a proxy or VPN service. He advises to grab the urls on your normal ip address without using a proxy or VPN to ensure this doesnt happen and only use the VPN or proxies when you are actually farming. 

I think it also needs clarification on the account getting banned part. For example, imagine you are farming for your aeria account and the worst case scenario just happened: you get banned! This doesnt mean your whole aeria account is banned, it means that you aeria account wont be able to farm on that advertiser anymore. So if im farming sponsorpay on my aeria account and for some reason they have detected illegal activity while I am farming , they will probably block my account for sponsorpay. This means I can still use this account to play my games, I just cant use this account to farm sponsorpay anymore. (Btw the  sponsorpay ban also gets lifted after a while, this has happened to me a few years back).

Now if you are a farming a fanup account, then it is different. You dont use your fanup account to play games, it is just used for farming. So ye, if you get your fanup account banned, you will have to start a new one.