A.V.A. Experience - Alliance of Valiant Arms
Can't assign shift, control, etc...? Here is your answer!
There is a simple trick that enables you to assign shift, control, alt,... buttons in Ava. When you get ingame, just press the combination Alt+Left Shift. What this does is, change your keyboard input language or simply put, change it from azerty to qwerty. If you do this you should be able to assign functions to the shift, control, alt,... buttons. However do keep in mind that you will need to make some changes to your controls because you are changing from azerty to qwerty. For example, running forward is the key "z" on azerty keyboards and needs to be changed to "w".
Now if the combination of Alt+Left Shift doesn't work, you can easily change the shortcut for switching between input languages in Windows. Go to the start menu and type in "change keyboards" and press the search result which mentions "change keyboards". Then click the button which says the same and go to the tab "advanced key settings". In this tab you can change the combination of keys you need to press to switch between input languages.