A.V.A. Experience - Alliance of Valiant Arms
Ava Prison Break Escape Walkthrough Part 1
Round 1
The first round of Prison Break Escape is simple. Not much explanation here, just shoot until you have killed 200 prisoners.
Round 2
First thing you need to watch out for in round 2 of Prison break Escape, is not to open the box containing the m249. If you do open the box, you will have more spawns and more prisoners to shoot. The only good thing about the box is when you get the red and black striped version of the m249, which has 100 bullets instead of 50, a lot less recoil and a lot faster reload than the normal m249. However, you can't be sure that you will get it. So basically, DON'T OPEN THE BOX! Especially when playing with newbies. With that important information shared, let's get on with the explanation. I'll provide screen shots for each room to clarify my explanation. I used yellow for the switch, blue for cover spots, green for fenced areas and red to indicate doorways.
Room 1
Rooms 1 and 4 have fenced areas and basically if you get in the cabins and cover the doorways, you are safe. So what you do is, the first guy runs in and starts clearing, followed by the second guy who covers the back of the first and so on, while making your way to the fenced area. The first guy should turn 180° to cover his teammates while making his way to the switch. The second guy to enter, should go immediately to the upper blue dot for covering the guy that activates the switch. You can activate with 2 or cover with 3, it doesn't really make a difference since this room can easily be done with 2 guys. And if you feel dafty, you can even try to solo it. The switcher should stand on top of the console to activate, to get less damage if he should get hit.
Room 2
Rooms 2 and 3 haven't got fenced areas but the covering is easy as well if you know where to stand. In room 2, the best spot to cover the activator is left in corner next to controller. If someone is already at the left spot you can either stand next to him or on the right of the controller with your back against the small fence (the blue dot to the right).
Room 3
Room 3 has the same spots as room 2, just left next to the controller and just right. In this room, there are also small fences at the controller that you can use to protect your back while covering. The activator should stand on top of the controller to avoid getting hit. In rooms 1 and 3, the fourth guy can either cover from the doorway (if he is a good shot) or help activate.
Room 4
This is basically the same as for room 1. Run to the fenced area while covering the guy in front of you. The first starts to activate and the next 2 occupy the cover spots. This room can also be easily done with 2 guys or even solo if you know the tricks to it. If you are intend on soloing it, jump on the controller and shoot the prisoners with maces as they can still hit you. The others will either stay behind the fence or just won't have enough range to hit you. It takes a bit of experience to tell when the moment is right. Getting out solo might prove more difficult though. It can be done if you properly route the prisoners into a group to clear a way to get out.