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Ava Prison Break Escape Walkthrough Part 2
Round 3
The thing to keep in mind here is, break the middle board and the spawns will stop! When you break the middle board you can see the green arrow dissappear. In the first part of round 3 of Prison Break Escape, you’ll have to break the boards in the doorways to get further. It is very important that you break the middle board first in order to stop the spawns. For the first set of boards, I usually run up first with Bizon or Ppsh and start clearing the way. When I feel certain the rest of the team can cover me, I run to the boards to shoot them. Use the barrel left to the doorway to make the boards break faster. When you pass the first set of boards, DON’T GO DOWN YET! The second you even get on slope, the next prisoners will spawn. Wait for your team and clear the possible spawn of yellow and red in your back.

Once that spawn has happened you can go down and shoot the prisoners that spawn there. As soons as most of prisoners are dead break the middle board of the second set of boards. I usually stand on the right side of the door (as shown in the video) so I can shoot the middle board of the third set of boards too, preventing a spawn in your back because the prisoners will spawn in the room up ahead.
At the third set of boards, USE THE BARRELS TO KILL THE PRISONERS. Use the barrels to save up on ammo, because you will need it later on. At the 4th set of boards, time your shot to the barrel so you can kill as many prisoners as possible in one shot. After you shoot the barrel, don’t just stand at the doorway but enter and clear while picking up ammo boxes while you move. Very important to share ammo and health, you are not alone in this game!

After clearing the hall after the 4th set of boards, one guy opens the big metal door while the rest stays back BEHIND THE YELLOW CAN AT THE LEFT; after the door is opened, everyone has to move behind that can until Constantine Rokosovsky (= rpg guy) is dead. If you don’t move behind the can, you will risk getting your whole team killed. Some people rush in as soon as the door opens but that isn’t necessary. The riflemen can shoot from behind the can while the pointmen cover. If there is a sniper in your team, just cover him while he shoots the black prisoners.

The best way to kill the armed prisoner is to use a rifle or sniper while the pointmen cover. After killing them all, clear the room as fast as possible because a good timing can definitely help the lurer in his task. If the room is cleared or almost cleared the lurer runs up the stairs and the rest of the team moves back behind the boxes. For the people that have to stay back DON’T KILL RED GUYS IF THEY WANDER IN THE ROOM, they will respawn in one of the rooms where you need to place C4 and they can cause trouble for the lurer.

Now how to lure. As I said they before, when the room is (almost) clear, the lurer runs up the stairs to the doors. I usually stand a bit to the right at the right door and press x9 (lure command) till I see three axes of red guys coming through the wall and door. Don't stand in front of the door or you might get axed and die. When u see the three axes, you are good to go, open the door (if it hasn’t opened automatically already) and run through the other door. If you don’t see the three axes and the door opens already, stay in front of it a bit longer to attract the prisoner to the right door and then run through left door.
Only the lurer can be at the stairs at this time otherwise it can screw up the luring part by causing the prisoners to block both doors. And then you will have a lot of trouble getting in. If you do this the way I described, you will hardly have any trouble getting to the lure spot (which is in room D). Just run in the room going clockwise till you can get on the concrete block of the right side of the room. Then jump on the lift and into room D. While running clockwise around the room you can try to grab a C4 when you pass the box the second time. If you can’t grab it on the second lap of running, just get in room D before the swifts spawn. Another way to get C4 before luring is to jump from the concrete block onto the C4 dispenser and then run in a circle to the right concrete block. When you get into room D, stick to the left side of the doorway as much as possible to avoid getting hit iwhen someone plants in the room next to you and the C4 explodes.

Then start luring (spam x9) and when it is good to go, give your team a sign by using the “Charge!”( you can use w1 or x8 ) command. You can tell if the lure is good when pretty much all prisoners face you and practically stick to you. You can see what I mean in the picture above.

When you have to place the last C4, a planter can either jump into room D and plant or drop the C4 on the lift for the lurer to grab it. Another thing that has changed recently in Prison Break Escape tis that you cannot plant 2 C4's at the same time or plant a C4 when another C4 is ticking already. If you do plant 2 at once, on the C4 will disappear and reset at the box. It can be even worse, the C4 might completely disappear, leaving you unable to finish unless you glitch the C4.

To leave room D, keep luring till pretty much all prisoners are below you and nade them. Then sprint, jump and run to the door while covering your back. You can also use the lift to get out safely by going around. Another tactic would be, if your lives permit it, to commit suicide by keeping the prisoners lured while the last c4 explodes. This way you won’t have as much prisoners to deal with when the armed prisoners spawn.

After the last c4 explodes the last door will open and armed fugitives will spawn. There are 2 ways to finish. Either someone hides in one of the rooms closest to the exit and makes a run when the others have distracted the armed prisoners. The other way is to camp out at the stairs and shoot all the armed fugitives and yellow before making your way to the exit. If you decide to camp out, the best places to be at are against wall between the rpg box and door. Lure the armed ones to one door by showing yourself there and when they come to you let them enter so the guys against the wall can easily take them out with headshots. A major tip to avoid getting hit by the armed fugitives is strafing. If they are close, you can take them down by circling around them and shooting their head. When they are dead, make your way to the exit and finish the game.

Rewards in Prison Break Escape
Here are the rewards you can get when playing Prison Break Escape:
1 box: an M67 nade
2 boxes: An M67 nade, and very rarely you can get Ppsh or Stg for 7 days.
3 boxes: Stg or Ppsh for 7 days