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Ava Prison Break Rescue Walkthrough
Round 1
In round 1 of Prison Break Rescue, you need to run through the hallway as a team while shooting prisoners and opening doors. Don’t hang at the back to shoot more prisoners! If they don’t bother you, let them be. Wait for your team at the door where you need to activate the switch for the elevator. Clear the room as much as possible and start activating while the others cover. In the worst case scenario one of the guys that cover also flash nade the switcher to cover him. The best covering spot IMO is in front of the controller at a distance, that way you won’t get hit too much and can easily spot the prisoners going for the activator. After that take the right hallway (this is easier than left) and make your way to the elevator.

Round 2
Round 2 of Prison Break Rescue is almost the same as round 1 but with a few complications. First of all there are the fire switches. After opening the first fire blast door, run down the hall to the second fireswitch NOT THE FIRST ONE. If you take the second switch you can easily get through breaking the boxes in the next part. One guy breaks the boxes while the others cover him. Once the boxes are broken, open the door and turn around to cover your team. If everyone is through the door, move up the stairs to the part with the two switches. Make sure everyone is there because you will need eachother to get through. When entering, one guy goes for the switch while the others cover him. As soon as switch A is activated one of the coverguys makes a run for B while the others cover him and make their way to B too. Make sure you cover the one going for B so he gets there alive and can activate, otherwise you can start over at switch A. When the door is open, make your way to the elevator.

Round 3
In round 3 of Prison Break Rescue the first obstacle you will encounter is the good/bad switch part. Don’t worry, it is easy to tell which is which after guessing the first switch. When you enter the room and the first good switch is on your left side, the rest of the good switches are on your left side as well. The same goes for the right side. This way you can save some lives by avoiding spawns of red prisoners. If not clear heres a more difficult explanation with a picture. Note this is a description of the switches in relation to the exit. Use the map below for reference.

I marked the controllers with the letters A and B, A = the controller closest to exit, B = is controller farthest from exit.
In the first room you will need to pull both controllers (I usually try to start with A).
Once you know which switch in the first room is the good one, follow this pattern:
if A then next its 2x B
if B then next its 2x A

It's quite simple and it works for both easy and normal mode. And another thing, if you play this mode with the same team for a few times, the good switch is likely to be the same as in the first game that you have played.

After the good/bad switch part head up the stairs and wait for the rest of your team. When ready, open the door and go down the hall in front of you and then to your right to the crossroad between the four rooms. At the crossroad it doesn’t matter if you go left or right as long as you stay together. After the crossroad, move left or right down the hall and don’t open the door at the end because that door covers your back. Open one side door at a time or you might get overwhelmed with prisoners. After opening the side, door let the spawned prisoners come out into the hallway so they run into your line of fire. This way it is real easy to cover. When the side room is almost clear one guy enters for Eva while the rest stay in hallway to keep it clear. If Eva is not there, repeat the process until you find her.

After you have found Eva, cover her till you get to the exit door. A few tips, if Eva is at a crossroad keep pushing her because those crossroads are hard to cover her. Also Eva follows certain routes depending on the room where you find her. For example, if you are with your back against the door that covers your back and you find eva in the right side room, she will go right at the first intersection. If found in the left side room, she will go left. Knowing which route she follows, will give you an advantage while covering her.

When you get to the exit door WITH Eva, stop pushing her so she remains in the stairway. Now comes the luring part as in Prison Break Escape, meaning only one guy leaves the hallway while the rest stays back. The guy that runs out, first needs to see where the shotgun boss protecting the switch is at. There are two patterns an easy and a difficult one. The easy pattern is when the lurer sees that the shottie is already on the left or right stairs. Then he can enter via the other stairs, get on the green boxes behind the controller and activate. After activating stay there to lure the prisoners and give the “charge” sign when the chopper is about to land. Make sure you are on the green boxes to avoid getting hit by the blue prisoners in the controller of the room.

The difficult pattern is the same as the easy one except for the fact that shotgun guy isn’t on the stairs yet. He will be in the middle of the building and you need to lure him to one of the two stairs. You do this by running up to the chopper platform till you see that the shottie starts to move. Follow him in the same direction as you get closer to him. When he passes the door run all the way back around the chopper platform to enter the switch room through the other stairway. Then get on green boxes, activate and lure. If you do it this way, the rest of your team can easily push eva to the chopper. Check the video below to get a clearer picture.