A.V.A. Experience - Alliance of Valiant Arms
Ava Death Valley Walkthrough Part 1
Round 1
The first round is pretty simple. A few tips for getting through the first round real easy. Wait till everyone of your team has spawned. Otherwise they will get stuck at the beginning and lose a life for nothing. It is also easier to kill the prisoners till they stop spawning so you can easily make your way to the boat. You can rush through as well, but you will have more risk of dieing before getting to the boat. Also use the barrel at the end of the tunnel after you started the boat. This way you can kill those nasty yellow prisoners that spawn with just a few shots and clear the ones that survived a lot easier as well.

As soon as the boat is leaving, stock up on ammo and replenish your health and then start shooting the barrels on the bridge up ahead. Only shoot the barrels with the arrow above them because these are the only ones that actually explode. If the boat arrives at the bridge before you destroyed it, some barrel guys will spawn on the bridge. To avoid getting hit by them, move to the back and to the side of the boat as far as you can (without falling in the water of course).

On the second bridge the barrel guys will spawn anyway so stay at the back of the boat to avoid getting hit and shoot them before destroying the bridge. Then stock up on ammo as you are heading for the large tunnel. When entering the tunnel, it is for the best that one guy covers the left side and one guy covers the right side. The other teammembers can then focus on destroying the UAVs without having to worry of getting hit in the back.

At the end of the large tunnel, where the boat stops, wait before you go off the boat to stock up on ammo and talk about tactics to end the first round. In my opinion, it is the easiest to finish round 1 with 2 guys that keep shooting the spawning prisoners with the white shirts while someone lures the barrel boss. The guy that lures the barrel boss has 2 options: either he lures the boss into the water for an instant kill (it is important that the lure guy JUMPS into the water while noone else is shooting the barrel boss or he might not follow the lurer), or he can stay at the tip of boat while crouching (the boss will throw the barrels over his head into the water) and then start shooting him. It is important that the lurer is kept safe from the whiteshirt prisoners (hence the 2 guys that shoot the spawning prisoners)!! The fourth guy can help the lurer kill the barrel boss if you aren’t luring him into the water. When the barrel boss is dead, run to the door and take the box.
Round 2
The beginning of round 2 is pretty simple. Go forward and start shooting the barrel guys first then the barrels on the ground. If you want to be certain that you don’t get hit by a thrown barrel, you can shoot them from behind the pillar and the thrown barrels will explode against the wall or the pillar.

Then drop down and pick up ammo. Remember to share!! Move forward and start kiling the prisoners in the next room. If you are playing on easy mode this shouldn’t be too hard, but if you are playing on extreme, it is best to campout in the small hallway and teamkill them instead of rushing to your death. Then move forward and kill the spawning barrel guys. Make sure you are not too close to the edge, because if the lift is at your side and a barrel lands on it, you can get hit by it.

Then get on the lift and kill the other spawning prisoners. Be sure to use the barrels efficiently in this part as it makes it a lot easier. If you do get overrun by the blackshirt prisoners, you can start running up and kill the spawning yellows to make more room for movement. You can also try to lure them under the first falling rock which will then kill them for you.

Avoiding the falling rocks shouldn’t be too hard but here are some tips anyway. If you are a pointman you can run up to the end of the first rock alley in one go. If you do so, be sure to shoot the barrel immediately when you get there to kill the most of the prisoners waiting for you. You can also try to nade it. Also, be sure not to block eachother when going into a side gap. To be sure you can always wait a bit before starting to run so you have extra room instead of bunching up and blocking eachother.

For the second rock alley, it is the easiest to run it in 2 parts. Again shoot or nade the barrel to kill the most of pistoling prisoners that are awaiting you. At the end of the alley, wait for your teammates before moving forward. Then move together to the opening door and start killing the prisoners and barrel guys. You can use the normal prisoners as a way of blocking thrown barrels as they will explode if they hit them. If you still have a nade left, you can use it here as well to kill or soften the prisoners. If the barrel guys get too close, hide behind the wall so the thrown barrels will explode against it and you can shoot the barrel guys that come into view one by one (remember to shoot at their heads!!) The picture below shows the spot I am talking about.
After the barrel guys it is time to take down the chopper. Now to make it easier, what I usually do is, start shooting the chopper to get its attention. As soon as you see the first rpg coming your way, start circling around one of the blocks in the mid while shooting at the chopper. This way your teammates can easily hit it with rpgs without having to dodge the chopper’s RPGs. Also, if you keep your gun, it is best to stay at the left side to get an advantage if the yellow should spawn instead of the blackshirts. If the blackshirts spawn, you can easily kill them using an rpg. When the chopper is destroyed, wait for someone to do the RPG glitch and then move forward.