A.V.A. Experience - Alliance of Valiant Arms
Ava Death Valley Walkthrough Part 2
Round 3
However if the glitcher fails the RPG glitch, then it’s time to man up and go in guns blazing! The UAVs can be easily destroyed with a rifle or a semisnipe, that’s up to you. I prefer rifle because it has more mobility and its easier to defend yourself against yellows at the second wall of UAVs. For the first wall, stand behind the big rock and stay there until the outer UAVs are destroyed. If you are standing on the left side of the big rock, you can shoot the UAV launchers by dodging out and back in when you see the UAVs heading your way.

If you are standing on the right side of the big rock, you can shoot them by moving to your right so you can just see the red disk. The right side is obviously more safe than the left side. If there is a semi sniper on your team, you can let him take out the first wall if you don’t want to risk losing lives.

The second wall is a bit trickier. Don’t go down alone, because its messes up the timing and the UAV launcher will start to open. Also focus fire on the same launcher, I usually start at the right side, to create more room to move in between the spawns and the UAVs. The best time to go for ammo and health at the mid is right before the launchers open. You can also shoot the launchers when the doors are closed, to destroy them faster. When the spawns of prisoners and barrel guys come, focus on killing the barrel guys first then clear the rest of the prisoners and start shooting the UAV launchers again. 

When all UAVs are destroyed stock up on ammo and health and go to the next part. 
The lure glitch
It seems to me that the lure glitch as we have been doing it before is the easiest way of finishing DV again nowadays. One guy goes to solo while one gets stuck to do the lure glitch. The others stay up and wait. Check out the videos below for more details on the lure glitch and soloing the first boss. 
The lure glitch seems to work best in DV easy but also works for DV extreme if done properly. The soloer has a great responsability here as he needs to make sure that he kills the first boss and then eliminates the remaining fugitives, then staying alive till all 4 bosses have spawned and run back to the glitch lurer. Btw, the soloer needs to kill the remaining fugitives, otherwise they might make the lured chainsaws lose attention for the glitch lure. For the glitch lure itself it is pretty easy. You start at the mid of the slope that leads you down, while sliding press left halfway down in order to get stuck at the left side without dropping. You can do this for the right side too but in my opinion the right side doesn't work as well.

Rewards for Death Valley
The rewards in Death Valley can vary from getting euros to stuff like lucky shot armor that you can buy for euros, mag upgrades, ST camo, El-raffe Kukri, etc...

If you want to win the Anaconda Kukri or the Panfilov mask, you will need to play Death Valley extreme. This is the only mode you can get it, and unfortunately you have to be really lucky to win it too.