A.V.A. Experience - Alliance of Valiant Arms
General Pointers For Coop Modes
Now, before you go and read the walkthroughs, I would like to give some general pointers.

1.  You have to work in team if you want things to go real smoothly.

2.  Playing in a team means coordination. If you have to discuss the plan with the rest of your team, do so at an opportune moment when you have the time. If one person doesn’t know what to do, everything could end badly.

3.  Share ammo and HP packs. Cover your teammates. If you got an ammohogger or someone who just tries to take everything, explain to him why he should share. It is pretty hard to cover someone without bullets, or to stay alive with a millimeter of HP while a full live bar guy keeps taking the HP packs away. If he doesn’t listen, just kick him, but you could have figured that out too :).

4.  Prioritize! Don’t go shooting prisoners when activating a switch is all that is needed to finish the round, for example.

5.  For the above reasons, I recommend you play with a regular team. You will have more flexibility since your teammates can take over if you happen to fail in your task. (We are all just human, you know.) Another advantage is that you can farm the AI modes more easily with a regular team, giving you all kinds of rewards.

6.  If you have gcoins, buy the ST camo, a mag upgrade (preferably B) or even better buy a PB package. They cost a little bit but surely help in making the games more easy.

7.  Strafing and zigzagging are the best ways to avoid taking damage from AI prisoners. I tend to strafe in a circle while I keep looking in the same direction. This way you can avoid hits from prisoners that sneak up and are closeby, while maintaining your line of fire.

8.  For simple and fast killing let the AI prisoners line up or bunch together, while keeping your aim at headshot heigth. Then you just need to spray and watch them drop dead.

Well take heed to these simple and logical points and you will improve your success rate of beating the AI modes.