A.V.A. Experience - Alliance of Valiant Arms
Using your minimap
This post is to tell you about the importance of using your minimap in AVA. If you don’t know how to use your minimap, you might as well run around blindfolded! Learn to interprete your minimap and you will often get the advantage on your enemy.

Use the minimap to locate enemies. This way you can tell what areas of the map you can rush through and where you have to be cautious while moving forward. Demolition maps generally have three main routes and if you get that insight, you can easily predict where the enemy is by process of elimination.

For example, in pub games people on the defensive side (NRF) often tend to rush. Let’s say you are covering the mid route and you see your team rushing through one of the side routes without much or any resistance. By process of elimination, you know that the enemy team only has one place where they can be and you and your team can start flanking them, gaining a lot of advantage. The same goes for when you are on the attacking side (EU). Keeping an eye on your minimap while making sure you and your team are properly covering the area, can often be the difference between surviving and getting shot in the back.

Another example. If you see where one of your team has died (marked by a white X), then you know an enemy ( or even more) has to be near that location, even if they don’t show up on radar because they haven’t been hit. You and your team can then start closing in on him or them to gain the advantage.

A great and easy example of using your minimap can be found in the map Piramid. The first thing I do in Piramid when I spawn, is check the minimap to see if there are people from my team in the curve. If they aren’t or I see them dieing there, I throw an M67 nade over the wall which often results in a kill.

And finally here is a little more advanced technique for using your minimap. Let’s say your are rushing and you come across an opponent. You both start shooting but you don’t end up killing eachother and the two of you get into cover. The chances are that when shooting at your opponent; you took away some of his HP and he will show up with a yellow flashing edge on the minimap.  What I do then is this: I look at the arrow that represents me on the minimap and make sure the tip is pointing to the little red square of the enemy. Then I get out of cover while prefiring and get the drop on my opponent resulting in his death.

If you are not used to using your minimap, I hope this post made you see the advantages and you start doing it the next time you play.