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Don't get scammed!
I am writing this post, because I yet saw another scam on IJJI forum. There was this spammer called Forqua1 who had made several threads about getting a spas-15 for free. People that have been around on the forum longer immediately know that it is a scam, however some newcomers might not. I’ll show you what it looked like below:
How can you tell things are scams?
First off, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. A while back there had been a scam like this, saying you could get a free Rx4-Storm and apparently some people fell into it. They lost their accounts as a result.

Second, in the thread that Forqua1 had started was a link “www.ijji.com/freespas15? but if you hovered your mouse over it, you could see that the link was actually http://apply-moderator.net. You see, you can make links appear the way you want to in some forums by using anchor text. Basically the anchor text (in this case: “www.ijji.com/freespas15?icon wink Dont get scammed!! is mostly used for marketing purposes, but it can be used to mislead people as well. So always check the real link before taking any action.

Third, you can tell it was a scam because of minor inconsistency in the text of the so-called popup. First the text said you would get a code after submitting your login and password and you would need to redeem it at the Epin section of the Ijji site. However, if you had given your login name and password, the next screen would tell you that the Spas 15 would be in your inventory after 24 hours. See the inconsistency here? Basically you could have filled in anything you wanted and it would still take you to the next screen. If you notice something like this, go and change your login data quickly before it is too late.

Fourth, Ijji will never ask for your login and password except for logging in into reactor or on the site when you want to make a post or something. You should have known this by now as the thread about this has been stickied in Ijji forums. If you are asked to submit your login anywhere else, just don’t do it!

Now if you don’t want to lose your account, there are a few simple things to take heed to.

First raise the security on your account as much as possible by making a password with capital and normal letters, special signs and numbers. This will make your password stronger, so people can’t just guess it.

Second, verify your email if you haven’t done so yet. By the way, if you haven’t verified your email yet, you can also get an epin for a Skull camo mask and a Ppsh for 7 days from Ijji.

Things to watch out for ingame:
People that want to trade accounts or want to give you Gcoins but they need your account details as well. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! Also don’t give away the email your account has been registered to nor the password for that email. If you do, the scammer will just click “forgotten username/password” at the login of reactor and reset your login details.

Take heed to these points and your account should be safe!