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How to get free Gcoin
In this post I want to inform you about the possibilities of getting free Gcoin. If you never visited the free Gcoin page on the Ijji site, then thats a good place to start. Just start completing the free offers and you should be able to earn some Gcoin. Just make sure you click on the “free” tab as there are also paying offers and trial offers for which you will end up paying. Don’t ever do paying offers if all you want is Gcoin, you are better off buying them then since you will get more for your money.

Now if you already have been doing offers, you probably noticed that there are continously less and less offers to complete. You might have also noticed that you can complete offers which you have already done but they don’t pay you the credit deserved because you have already done them. Luckily there is a way to get new offers or to be payed for offers you have already completed. Keep reading for the good stuff I would say.
What you will need:
1.Firefox internet browser: you will need this browser in order to use some useful addons that will help you make completing offers easier.

2.Proxytool: this is one of the addons you will need. It makes configuring your proxies a lot easier. You will need proxies as the offers presented in the free Gcoins section are based on IP address.

3.Fireform: this addon will generate fake profiles and automatically fill in fields like name, address, … for you.

4.IMacros: this addon will save you a lot of time when you keep doing the same offers. It is easy to use, but I will show you that later on.

5.Cookieculler: This will make sure you can clear your cookies effectively. If you do not clear your cookies, you will not get credited for offers you have already completed or for offers from the same advertiser.
The process:
The first thing you need to do is find a working proxy. You can find them easily when googling the term “free proxies” or “free proxy lists”. When selecting a proxy, pay attention to the following things: it needs to be an anonymous or highly anonymous one, this way you will have more chance of finding a proxy that isn’t recognised as a proxy. Also pay attention to the country of the proxy, it will come in handy for configuring Fireform to generate a fake profile and you want to be able to understand the language of the country as well.

When you have found a proxy list, highlight and copy one of them, then insert it into Proxytool. Activate Proxytool by clicking its icon and it turns green. Then go to lagado and check if the proxy is working and if it isn’t recognized as a proxy. If it doesn’t work from the first time, refresh the page by pressing F5 as sometimes it will work on the second try.

Now you can use Fireform to generate a fake profile. Go to the advanced settings of the Fireform plugin to slect the country based on the proxy you have chosen. Then rightclick the Fireform icon and select “Get a fake profile”. When the profile has been generated, use the name to make an email address so you won’t get bothered with spam. Then go back to advanced settings and click on “edit profile” and paste your new email address in the email field. You can also make separate fields for the street name and house number as some internet forms have separate fields for these values.

Then you can login to the Ijji site and go to the free Gcoin section and enjoy the opportunity of other offers. When done completing offers, wait for them to credit and then clear your cookies with Cookieculler. To do this, just click on the “Extra” tab of Firefox and click on Cookieculler and select “delete all cookies”.

With this method I tend to do offers that are quick and easy. Offers like signing up for a mailing list or supplying “valid” personal information (which is where the fake profile generator comes in). Of course you can use this method for other sites like Playspan and Free Ultimate Game Card as well.
How to configure Fireform:
How to use Imacros:
I hope I helped you on your way to earning more Gcoin for free!

PS: I heard some people are having trouble with getting this to work. I will try to upload a video where I do it myself as soon as possible. I already recorded it with Camstudio but the problem but I am having problems with opening the saved file.