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The logic to winning capsule weapons
One of the interesting things in AVA is the capsuleshop. Basically, the capsuleshop is a lottery hall where you can win special weapons. This post will explain the logic behind winning capsule weapons so you can increase your chances of winning.

First some things you need to know before entering the capsuleshop:
1. There are Gcoin capsules and Euro capsules. The Gcoin capsules can be bought at any level and it doesn’t matter how much Gcoin you have after purchase. The Euro capsules can only be bought at the rank of Staff Sergeant 3rd class and you need to have 20000 or more euros after purchasing.

2. The prizes for Gcoin capsules consist out of all the weapons displayed in red ingame and Euros from the Eurojackpot capsules. The prizes of the Eurocapsules are all the weapons that are displayed in blue ingame (except for the M4a1 Carpio and the M16 Leopard, which are displayed in purple).

3. Coupons can only be gained from Gcoin capsules and Battle Points can only be used to reduce the price of Euro capsules.

4. Euro capsules have a counted and an individual capsule dispenser whereas the Gcoin capsule dispensers are all counted except for the Euro jackpots and the Prerelease.

So lets continue with a question asked by a lot of new players: “What is the difference between individual and x/200?”

While your chances of winning are improving with every capsule bought in the counted dispensers, the individual dispensers have a set percentage of winning. Now some of you may have won before in individual capsules, I haven’t. I even have a friend that spent 190000 ingame Euros on an individual dispenser and still didn’t win. So you can easily assume that if you are buying individual capsules, you have to rely on luck to actually win. This is why I always go for the counted dispensers, because you can easily calculate your winning chances. For example, if the counter is at 90/200 and you buy one capsule, you have a winning chance of 1 to 90. Now if the counter would be at 35/200 and you were to buy 5 capsules, you would have a winning chance of 1 to 7.

You can easily see which situation would be more succesful of winning that special gun. Of course, this requires some patience and capsuleshop camping in order to profit when these situations arrive. The best way to go about this is regularly checking up on the capsule shop, to see if any of the counters is pretty low. I usually start keeping an eye on a capsule dispenser when it gets around 110 to 120. Depending on the popularity of the gun, the counter will be dropping rapidly from that point on and you can get ready to click on the buy button.

A little trick to make sure that you aren’t too late with clicking the buy button, is to open the buy window in advance and keep an eye on the counter through the background. This way you can be sure that you can react as fast as possible so you don’t miss it. Don’t forget to click on the option of buying with Battle Points (if you have enough) though!

To conclude I would like to add that, statistically speaking, it is better to save up on Euros and Battle Points if you are trying to win a Euro gun. You will have more chance of winning because you can buy more capsules at once. The Battle Points will reduce the cost of the capsules greatly, from 3000 to 1000, so in my opinion they are a must as well if you want to keep your Euro balance up.

With this information in your head I wish you good luck in capsule shop. Yes, unfortunately luck is still a part of the game! But the logic shown above has gotten me all the Euro capsule weapons except for 4 of them. If you need proof of this, just check the video below.

By the way, I also won the SW1911 recently, it just isn’t in the video and I don’t have enough Gcoin for red capsules weapons.